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Some random questions

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Hello. I have asked these questions in many forums and i couldnt find answer to them. So.

1)if i rent a server from gameservers.com are these only for steam? cause i wouldnt like to rent a server and not even be able to play on.


2)My friends and me are thinging of making a clan. if we want to play clan maches will we have to play through steam?  Are the maches only played with steam?


3)when i try to make server the ip of the server is my real one and not the extrenall. Whay is that?

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1)They have a list of demo servers, try to join with non steam...

2)You can play with both steam and non steam, but in order to play on non-steam you need to find a non steam server(cracked).

3)Can the others join on your external IP:PORT?

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1) Ok

2)Is ti correct to play clan maches with other big teams non steam? Sounds a bit stupid or embarrasing. Thanks though.

3)When i contact him i will tell you.


Thank you. Plz dont lock the topic so i can say if things have worked.



Just now i tried to connect to my server with the extrenall ip and i couldnt connect. When i connect with the real one i can get in.

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Ok so the problem is solved about the server creation. Thanks a lot. Now when i enter an ip for a steam server it sais that i am using protocoll 47 and i need update. Any link to to this? :P

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1)The better is to play through steam(more abilities,options)


Now u can rent steam from GameServer.....


"Tired of waiting for your game hosting order to process? Wait no more - buy, pay and get your game server, ventrilo server, or teamspeak server up within minutes!


GameServers.com is closer than you expect. Pick from 14 hosting centers - 21 for Teamspeak & Ventrilo servers - from Europe to Australia!


Game during the day & game during the night - our support staff is there, ready to help you!


When you combine 100% Dual Quadcore servers with a premium worldwide network, you get GameServers.com. Go ahead, raise your expectations. GameServers.com provides cheap game servers at the best quality!



Game Server Hosting United States: Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas (Texas), Los Angeles (California), New York/New Jersey, San Jose (California), Seattle (Washington), St. Louis (Missouri), Tampa Bay (Florida)


Game Server Hosting Worldwide: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), London (England), Montreal (Canada)



To see your ping(latency) u can go here Gameservers.com and choose the best server for your region



(By GameServers.com)


2)The most of them are played through Steam and the most of the teams(Clans) use a chat program called "MIRC" to schedule their matches or to find opponents.....U can also subscribe in Esl.eu and register your personal profile and your team profile and find opponents via a smart tool they use.



3)If u don't use steam tool the only way to play with your friends is cracked non steam servers and LAN




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Ok so i have managed to get my friends on my server but the lag after 6 players join gets massive. I have done that thing in set priority real time and reduces a bit but it isnt zero. If i want to play a match i wont be able to do it. Blooddog thanks for the link. I have downloaded it but havent tried it yet. So according to you i will be able to play on steam vac servers??

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No, to play on vac servers you need to be on steam client.



To fix the problem with the lag you gotta update your line(upstream).

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if you make the server with protocol 47/48  you can ply with non-steam and steam  check if you have


Na i have bought steam and i play there online. But when i play with my friends i play cracked version.

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