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  1. You servers Pigasos are loss of time eitherway, you open and wipe servers every week, just to get some $$ in your pocket!
  2. I play with nick T3rroN...Enjoy it :)
  3. Plz mn spamarete to topiC :/ Apla to paidi brhke kati kai to ekane share....Askopo alla afou to ekane sebasthte ton kai mn spammarete sto topic tou :)
  4. Kalhspera paidia....Loipon exw ena problhma me ton server mou....Endexomenws einai blakwdes alla dn mporw na to lysw...Exw prospa8hsei ta panta....O srv trexei L2jfree,interlude pack... To problhma einai oti molis kanw buffs exafanizontai amesws....P.x an kanw wind walk exafanizetai...Apo thn allh an kanw p.x fire seed menei....Ti ginete...To time twn buffs to exw ry8misei sta 35 lepta...Kai mono ta seeds menoun :S helP :)
  5. *EDIT* Dax ola wraia....alla sto telos dn mou anoigei para8yro tou lineage2??? Plz opoios gnwrizei as postarei h' as me kanei pm...Eyxaristw
  6. Tecpa....Afou egine kai egine to topic na kanw kai egw mia erwthsh.....Sto shmeio pou trexoume to RegisterGameServer.bat(Sto guide tou waterkiller)...emena anti na mou zhthsei na plhktrologhsw ton ari8mo 1,mou bgazei ena ERROR gia to opoio eu8ynetai ena arxeio me onoma...."L2j-loginserver-1.0.0" to opoio kai kala brisketai sta documents n' settings,alla egw dn mporw na to brw pou8ena :S Kamia idea ti ftaiei???Paromoio problhma eixe kai kapoio allo paidi sto thread to opoio egine lock + esteila mail ston waterkiller alla den m apantaei opote afou egine kai egine ayto edw to post an mporei kapoios na helparei 8a to ektimousa afantasta.
  7. Good guide to impress your opponents :)
  8. Good guide.....But if anyone uses Nvidia graphic card it is not so simble :) If DreaM wants it i can post here some screenshots so everybody who use Nvidia can enjoy the gaming of 100 FPS :))
  9. Teamwork is 50% of the game....The other 50% is sorted by:20% wisdom,20%skill and 10% are the circumstances of game playing :)
  10. Two things are required to do such things.....Tones of hours in front of pc playing counter strike and some kinds of programs :P Nevertheless they have good teamwork which is an advantage in massive games :)
  11. 1)The better is to play through steam(more abilities,options) Now u can rent steam from GameServer..... "Tired of waiting for your game hosting order to process? Wait no more - buy, pay and get your game server, ventrilo server, or teamspeak server up within minutes! is closer than you expect. Pick from 14 hosting centers - 21 for Teamspeak & Ventrilo servers - from Europe to Australia! Game during the day & game during the night - our support staff is there, ready to help you! When you combine 100% Dual Quadcore servers with a premium worldwide network, you get Go ahead, raise your expectations. provides cheap game servers at the best quality! Game Server Hosting United States: Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas (Texas), Los Angeles (California), New York/New Jersey, San Jose (California), Seattle (Washington), St. Louis (Missouri), Tampa Bay (Florida) Game Server Hosting Worldwide: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), London (England), Montreal (Canada) To see your ping(latency) u can go here and choose the best server for your region (By 2)The most of them are played through Steam and the most of the teams(Clans) use a chat program called "MIRC" to schedule their matches or to find opponents.....U can also subscribe in and register your personal profile and your team profile and find opponents via a smart tool they use. 3)If u don't use steam tool the only way to play with your friends is cracked non steam servers and LAN
  12. Bhop is prohibited action!!!In live tournaments players are not suppose to use bhop except 1-2 jumps in row!!Now if u play for fun then is good way to avoid bullets,impress your mates too :P....Btw good share...I used these settings for a year but now i can manage the bhop i need from keyboard :)
  13. It's good but when u play with people who know to play CS u have to be carefull :)))....And an advice:With WH will feel good for some days,months maybe but then u will realize that u did nothing to improve ur skills :).....Good Share for newbies(at cs always..)!