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-=Lineage2=- Final Gracia.: Skill / Armor / Weapon

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        Gracia Final Skills Preview 

Phoenix knight

summon lesser phoenix (83)


Einhasads Unspoken Word (83) - alliance salvation rez basically - will not restore noblesse salvation soul phoenix - chance in self death on cast to bp

Evas Saint

Submission of Eva (83) - aoe current clip 500 - drains enemy mp to your alliance - requirement full mp - chance self knockdown

Knight common

Deflect magic (81) - increase mdef against harmful magic

Sword muse

Song of purification (83) - clears debuffs, and increase resistance to debuffs of party members

Spectral Dancer

Dance of berserker (83?) - decrease def, mdef, flee, increase atk, matk, atkspeed, casting speed, movement speed


Final secret (81) - increase skill power and normal damage during pvp

Grand Khavatari

Maximum focus force (83) - maximum force charge


Maximum focus sonic (83) - maximum force charge


Hide (81) - literally hide

Dual Dagger Mastery (81) - Increase atk when using dual daggers


Seven Arrow (81) - Fire's 7 arrows maximum in a row

Detection (74) - Detect hide characters

Nukers (including soul hound)

Enlightment (81) - matk cast speed, magic cri rate increase drastically decrease mp cost

Healers /Buffers (Inc dominators)

Enlightment heal power (81) - cast speed, magic cri rate increase mp cost decrease

Arcana lord

Sprit the cat (83) - call the soul of the cat on your self

Spectral master

Spirit the phantom (83) - call upon the demon

Elemental master

Spirit the unicorn (83) - call upon the unicorn

Archmage/soul taker

Star fall (81) - let’s just say meteor

Meteor (81?) <Not star fall>

Mystic Muse/Storm Screamer

Starfall (81?) - drop stars from the sky


Turn stone (81) - Petrify to prevent damage

Fortune seeker

Lucky strike (83) AoE atk with spoil


Eye for eye (83) - Reflect melee and skill atks


Counter Critical (83) - increase defence against critical atk, by chance increase crit damage


Onslaught of Paagrio (83) - Give damage to nearby targets and continuously reduce their hp


Greater Fury (83) - when using the burning chop skill, by chance increase atk speed

Knight class

Shield Reflect Magic (60) - Reflect magic damage


Power Crush (40) - Attack a single target with a spear


Sigeul Mastery (76) - Increase mp regen rate and matk when equipping sigeul


Sigeul Mastery (76) - Increase mp regen and healing power when equipping sigeul


Sigeul Mastery (76) - Increase mp regen and max mp when equipping sigeul


Sigeul Mastery (76) - Increase mp regen and max mp when equipping sigeul


Burning Chop (40) - Give's damage and continuously reduce's hp

Bounty Hunter

Collector's Experience (5 - Increase shield block rate and attack when using a blunt weapon


Stigma of Shilen (40) - Decrease resistance to melee attack of the target


Soul Rage (7 - Gather souls while attacking


Chant of Movement (72) - wind walk + aegis


Combat of Paagrio (70) - Might + Shield

Critical of Paagrio (74) – Focus + Death Whisper

Condition of Paagrio (72) – Bless body + Bless soul


Titans Fury (83) - 15,710k power - a friontal aoe shockwave - chance concussive shock - chance knockdown (?) - chance multiple debuff - 700 frontal clip currently - requirement dual blunt/axe

Titans Fury (83) - massive mp drain - restores 50% hp damage dealt - inreases run speed (max 3 stack speed success then resets on 4th stack) (pvp confirmed) - self damage end of skill (can die from effect)


Master of War (83) - Focusing power to party instant refresh on skills for party - party buff - requirement stationary

Spear of Destruction (83) - 11k power (eleos) AoE damage stun - 800 clip range currently - chance for instance reuse

Gust pierce (76) – Attack a single target with a spear

Maximum elemental rate on weapons increases to 300 from 150


[move]Final Gracia Skill Weapon         Final Gracia Skill Weapon [/move]

* Changes to Fortress and Castle Dungeons.

* Gracia got added west of Gludin. Player must be 75+ to enter. Can obtain S82/S84 armor and weapon parts here thru quests. There is also a 45 player Instance Zone incl raid boss.

* Air-Ships doing roundtrips to and from Gracia.

* Clans Lvl 5+ can have theyr own Air-Ship.

* Mage Crits in PVP have been reduced from 3x to 2.5x - only affects PVP, not PVE.


Thats it for now - more details will be added if my shedule allows me.


Territory War



1. Maximum Clan Level got raised to 11. Costs 75.00 CRP and the Clan must have at least 170 members.

2. Guard Units can now hold up to 30 members.

3. Following Clan Skills can be learned up to level 3: -todo-



Since Territory Wars are sheduled for saturday all Siege Warfares are re-sheduled to sunday 4pm-6pm and 8pm-10pm.







* 3-vs-3

Party must consist of 3 members.

Only the Partyleader can sign for olympiad.

3-vs-3 Matches are not class based.

There are no buffs from a NPC available, resurrection skills are disabled.

Normal olympiad rules apply for anything else.

* Reward Changes

Olympiad Points calculation got changed: -todo-

Nobless Gatepasses getting replaced by Olympiad Coins. Old Nobless Gatepasses can be exchanged to Olypmiad Coins.

New rewards can only be purchased using Olympiad Coins:- Spellbooks for the new lvl 83 Skills

- Quick Healing Potions

- Special Shirt, Earring, Ring, Necklace (the Jewelry items are lasting for 30 days, kinda like shadow items, and come with special stats)

Olympiad Points are earned for defeating the opponent:

- non-classed related fight: 30 Olympiad Currency

- class based fight: 40 Olympiad Currency

- 3-vs-3 fight: 50 Olympiad Currency

* Other Changes

Skills with a reuse delay greater than 30 minutes getting reset on match start.




Takes place on Gracia.


* Conditions to participate

Only players lvl 75+ and with the Flight-mode Tranformation learned can participate.

Only solo charcaters can apply. Parties are not allowed.

Anyone signed for any other PVP-related content (Olympiad, Fantasy Island, Underground Arena) can not register for Air-Warfare.

* Registration

Registraion NPC is at some Vortex Gate on Gracia.

A match last 25minutes and starts when at least 9 players are signed for it.

Players will be put into different teams.

If there are free spots within a match players can join within the first 15minutes.

* Victory Conditions

Killing an opponent or destroying they others Team Base gives your team points.

The team with the most points wins.

* Rewards

Winning players receive 5 items (that can are needed for other Gracia related content).

Depending on the final points and participation time players get rewarded with SP.

Leaving a match before its finsihed, will not get you any rewards.

Players can collect special items (needed for Gracia related content) during a match. These can be used to transform Seeds (yes Gracia related Seeds - IOP anyone?) into some other Gracia related items.


PVE‘Flight-mode’ Transformation


Collecting / Aquisition / Gathering

Combat System Changes


Grade Penalties


Penalty Changes


Penalties for wearing armor and/or weapons above the players current expierence grade are now depending on the gap between the players current grade and the one of the item.

Eg. A player with experience D-Grade using a C-Grade weapon will suffer from Penalty Effect level 1, while the same player using a B-Grade weapon will receive Penalty Effect level 2.


Penalty Effects


* Level 1

Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 10%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate

* Level 2

Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 20%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate

* Level 3

Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 30%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate

* Level 4

Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 40%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate


If the gap between the players grade and the items grade is bigger than 4, than Penalty Effect level 4 gets applied.




S84 Weapons / Armor

New S84 Armors got added. Can be obtained on Gracia (sounds like 100% droprate from certain Boss Mobs?!).



3 different Dual-Dagger Weapons have been added:

S80 - Dynasty Knife*Soul Speperator, S82 - Icarus Disperser*Soul Seperator, S84 - S84 Dagger*Naga Storm.


Duals-Dagger getting produced the same way like Duals-Swords. Players must be Lvl81+ to learn the Dual-Dagger skill, to use these items. Dual-Daggers only be used by dagger classes.



Belts have been added as rewards for Territoy Wars. They also got theyr own inventory slot.




Capes can only be used for Dynasty and S84 Armor. There are 2 different types of Capes.


* Knight Capes

Only clan members within the rank of a Captain (Royal Guard Unit?) can wear Capes.

Can be obtained from the NPC Chamberlein.

* Capes of Holy Spirit

Can be obtained thru defeating various boss mobs (Lindivior?, Frintessa, Antaras, Valakas, Beleth and some Gracia related boss mob).


NPC in Aden and Rune can apply capes to armors (?).




‘Improved Shields’ for Casters, Healers, Summoners and Buffers have been added. These items can be enchanted but no Element Attributes can be assigned.

Depending on the Class these Shields have the following effects:


* Caster: increased MP recovery rate, increased Magical Dmg

* Healer: increased MP recovery rate, increased Heal Effect

* Summoner: MP recovery rate, MaxMP increased

* Buffer: MP recovery rate, MaxMP increased


Element Attribute Changes


The maximum Element Values for Weapons and Armors have been increased.

Weapons: from 150 to 300

Armor: from 300 to 600


Normal Element Stones can only raise the element value to 150 for weapons and 300 for a full armor set.

-Elementname here- Crystals must be used to increase the value even further. Element Crystals can be produced from certain items players can collect during Air-Warfare.


S82 Icarus Weapons


Icarus Weapons are now classified as S82. Players must be lvl 82+ to use these without suffering from Grade Penalties.

‘Seeds of Destruction’ (Gracia related collector quest) can be exchanged for Icarus Weapon Receipes and Keymaterials at ‘Union Station’ (i guess thats the main Landing Platform on Gracia).


Armor Set Effects




Other Changes


* Adena limit got raised to 99.900.000.000.

* Magic damage of 2-hand mage Weapons got slightly increased.

* Level 82 and 84 Lifestones drop from mobs.

* The quantity of required materials to craft Dynasty Items has been lowered.

* D to B-grade weapon parts will not drop any longer, therefor the full items can drop again (guess thats limited to the weapons you can purchase from NPCs)

* Drops will vanish after 10minutes if they are not picked up (this does not apply to Items droped by players).

* Dynasty-Dual-Swords Patk/Matk got adjusted to fit the new S82-grade. Icarus Shooter Patk got increased.




Fantasy Island

Bot Reporting


The reporting system for users of illegal programs the reporting system has been improved.


Each account gets 7 reporting points. Those can be used to report other characters. Once a report has been issued, the account is blocked for 1 hour to issue another report. The reporting points are getting reset every day at midnight.


Penalties are in relation to the amount of received reports for a characater. Possible penalties are: chat banned, unable to join any party, reduced attack/cast speed, forced to stay in town, unable to move, permanent purple state, …

Other Changes

Technical Changes


* Various improvement for older graphic cards and the used shaders.

* Soft shaders got added to highlight different geographical spots.

* The UI window elements will only be initilized if needed. This change speeds up game client loading.

* The terrain view range has been increased to match with the various new flight related elements of the game.

* A world NPC server now populates the world much faster after a server restart.

* Water effects have been improved.
















Final Gracia Armor+Weapon Lvl 84 All Chars
















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nice post..i was looking for such a post to learn some infos..Archers will be incredible at gracia 2..and more better with the armor with the Cape if they are castle lord they'll be LiKe Kings!

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