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Loipon kata thn gnwmh mou :


An thes Fighter Type :


Paladin , Tyrant , Titan


An Thes Mage Type :


Spellhowler , Spellsinger , Bishop

egw lew ama 8es fighter 8a kaneis..>tyrand,titan,gataki

ama 8es mage>main warcryer kai>bishop,sps,pony

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an o server einai main class +3subs akou


FIghter: main class paladin for p.def and atk.speed

1st sub: titan for frenzy or guts

2nd sub: tyrant for attack speed

3rd sub: prophet for p.atk because prophet has light armor mastery and we use light so p.atk and atk.speed increased and if we are going to fall the we use return


Mage: Main: sps/sph/mage/necro

1st sub: summoner human for casting and the debuffs banes

2nd sub: bishop for heal and salvation if it works

3rd sub: paladin

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