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interlude [C4/C5/Interlude/Gracia] Server List


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Keep this thread alive! Pm me whenever any server comes out! To be updated!


Okay, I bring you stright collection of server we have now so far. I do not guarantee you, that all of these server are good, this is just a list.

(Hint: Nubmers like "5x" is xp rate, just to make it clear. "Inst. => Instant, Inst. 80 => You join the server and you gain 80 lvl automaticly or by killing one monster)


NOTE: If you want your server or server you know to add, write this: VERSION; XP RATE; MAIN WEB-PAGE

Since too many messages are born in my inbox, the list will be updated once a week.


3499c4.png - 10x -L2 Olympia

3499c4.png- 45x -L2 EuroWorld

3499c4.png- 45x -L2 Eternal Sin

3499c4.png- 45x -L2 Elite

3499c4.png- 45x -L2 Loyal

3499c4.png- 70x -L2 Genetic

3499c4.png- 250x -L2 Heaven

3499c4.png- 2000x -L2 Darkness

3499c4.png- 10000x -L2 Fury



3516c5.png- 4x -L2 Elite Elmore

3516c5.png- 35x-L2 Sublimity



8372c6.png- 7x -L2 Dragonias

8372c6.png- 7x-L2 Earth

8372c6.png- 25x -L2 Harlab

8372c6.png- 30x -L2 Madness

8372c6.png- 45x -L2 Osiris

8372c6.png- 45x -L2 Menace

8372c6.png- 50x -L2 Mirage

8372c6.png- 55x -L2 Khaos

8372c6.png- 60x-L2 Veritas

8372c6.png- 70x -Caligula

8372c6.png- 80x -L2 Rival

8372c6.png- 100x -L2 Freak

8372c6.png- 100x -L2 Eternal

8372c6.png- 200x -L2 Exile

8372c6.png- 200x -L2 Ashton

8372c6.png- 300x -PvP Perfect L2

8372c6.png- 300x -L2 Corleone

8372c6.png- 300x -L2 Mslayer

8372c6.png- 500x -L2 Exotic

8372c6.png- 500x -L2 Rise Against

8372c6.png- 600x -L2 Brazuca

8372c6.png- 800x -L2 Eragon

8372c6.png- 1000x -L2 Suprem

8372c6.png- 1000x -L2 Aress

8372c6.png- 2500x -Blood Wars

8372c6.png- 4000x -L2 Century

8372c6.png- 5000x -L2 Death Whisper

8372c6.png- 5000x -L2 Dark Reaver

8372c6.png- 5000x -Linebras

8372c6.png- Inst.80/Inst.80/300x/35x -L2 Mafia

8372c6.png- 15/250x -L2 Saints

8372c6.png- 50x/100x -L2 Combate

8372c6.png- 50x/100x -L2 PvP Power

8372c6.png- 75x/1000x/5000x -L2 Core

8372c6.png- 35x -L2 Vendetta

8372c6.png- 10x -L2 Reign

8372c6.png- 1x/3x/5x/7x/10x/10x/13x/300x -L2 Abyss


1750gracie.png- 4x -L2 V

1750gracie.png- 5x -L2 Effect

1750gracie.png- 10x -L2 Ancestral Games

1750gracie.png- 10x -Kane And Able

1750gracie.png- 10x -L2 Resurrection

1750gracie.png- 15x -L2 Midnight

1750gracie.png- 15x -Xeebra

1750gracie.png- 25x -L2 Black Blood

1750gracie.png- 25x -L2 H2O

1750gracie.png- 25x -L2 Equilibrium

1750gracie.png- 35x -L2 Revolt

1750gracie.png- 35x -L2 Empiregames

1750gracie.png- 50x -L2 Lost Paradise

1750gracie.png- 50x -Kungfu L2

1750gracie.png- 50x -L2 Sings

1750gracie.png- 200x -L2 Blood Stained

1750gracie.png- 500x -L2 Nuke

1750gracie.png- 500x -L2 Majestic

1750gracie.png- 500x -L2 Eclipse

1750gracie.png- 500x -Twisted Legacy

1750gracie.png- 500x -L2 Inc

1750gracie.png- 5000x -L2 Antique

1750gracie.png- 5000x -L2 Rise Of Hell

1750gracie.png- 5000x -L2 Totalcom

1750gracie.png- 5000x -L2 Crysis

1750gracie.png- 5000x -Utopie L2

1750gracie.png- 7x/35x/5000x-Teh Gamers




List created by Lain

copyright©2009 Maxcheaters.com


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vendetta is x35.


reign is x10


cool post ..


u should add a tag like L2OFF Or L2J Near every srvr

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vendetta is x35.


reign is x10


cool post ..


u should add a tag like L2OFF Or L2J Near every srvr


Thanks for info, Vendetta & Reign updated. I will think about adding L2off and L2j.

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from all the list, what is a really really good server? my disc is full of system, patched, textures and hosts of servers, but in 3 weeks, i didnt find anything good


min rates x10 max rates x500, if have i want some "balanced donations"


i want a good server, just that

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