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[HELP] Any Way To Open Them?


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Well , I've Just Downloaded Gracia Final System Folder , And I Was Wonderin' if There's a Possible Way To Open Them..


I Searched For a FileEdit , Since In EncDec i Suck a lot xD


but i didnt find anything.


now , if it's possible via encdec , i'll try. just gimme links of the latest encdec.


ty in advance.

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There You have L2Encodec up to CT2.2


Not Workin'.


It's Gracia Final Not CT2.2

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well it will be a bit hard, but i can help u if u want for example weapons/armors from grac.final, and i have full gracia final sys....so tell me if need it.


Im In Need of Vesper Weapons And Vesper Armors From The Gracia Final Client..


So , If You Can Share With Me Those Lines , OR Maybe , Just Simply Gimme The Whole WeaponGrp , ItemName on a txt xD

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