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I'm also struggling with this server.

It's running a modded interlude client. (not l2j)

I'm looking specifically for IG walker but any botting program will work.

I've been trying versions 1.78 and 1.79 and different combinations of l2_asrv and L2Walker but have had no luck so far, as i'm a nub with this sort of thing. =/

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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this server is protecting by nProtect i found on this forum how to bypass it but i cant read the guide [50 post required] can somebody look at it ?




please copy and send me priv msg ^^

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If you use --------------> http://rapidshare.com/files/104921709/CProcess.exe.html (CurProcess)


You will see there is a pbuster process there in the backgound.... 1rst time i see somth like this.. ill give it another try...

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We need to edit dll [if its possible]: nwindow.dll  That library contains instrucion about blocking api [nProtect], correct me if iam wrong.


quote from wikipedia:

blocks certain calls to DirectX functions and Windows APIs, and auto-updates itself to change as new threats surface. nProtect GameGuard is launched via GameMon.des with a driver dump_wmimmc.sys.


Is there any process of gamemon.des ?




Tell us how you disable the nProtect and meaby we help you with next steps to bypass it.

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DISALBE nProtect - DISABLE GameGuard.




Just copy this to your system and run.

It is patch to disable nProtect.


Ok its disable. And what? The bot is not responding (2.09 OracleWalker)


Check out the engine.dll oryginal have 28 MB - from Earth engine.dll have 3.6 MB!




PS: editing nwindow.dll is bad idea. I just replaced it with no_gg nwindow.dll and its the same - bot not responding.



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