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What would be your favourite MaxCheaters Staffers Team?

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On 7/28/2022 at 9:32 PM, arm4729 said:

this guy deserve a special title here. 100% without him this forum would be a throneless castle.


Co Administrators  (Total: 2)

- @Celestine

- @Zake

- @Kara

Global Moderators (Total: 3) chose some from above

- @Trance

- @Vince*

- @splicho

- @Kara

- @CriticalError

- @Elfocrash

- @Tryskell

- @An4rchy

L2OFF Developer (Total: 2)

- Doesn't care

L2J Developer (Total: 2)

- @Kara

- @xdem

- @An4rchy

L2Client Developer (Total: 2)

- @deMEV

- @NevesOma or @◄√i®uS►

Graphic Designer (Total: 3)

- @Strain

- @Dection

- @splicho 

Hahahhahhhaha maxtor stated Total 3 for Global Mod, while this guy TAGS up almost the whole forum OMEGALUL

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3 hours ago, Celestine said:

Topic cleaned stay on topic before i :peepo-ban:

I think zake/ celestine as co admins will be fine, 


G mods legends were noble and extremedwarf but trance can be a good gmod

Java - xdem/ brut / hyperblown are a must, kara could be but i dont think he will act professional, good coder excellent in his work but his manners are childish! Xdem at least when he answers , puts everyone on their correct place

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Firstly, I appreciate whoever tagged me 😄 Thanks.


The truth is mxc community is not what it used to be, active members are at least 1/5 of what they were (I used to refresh mxc every 30 seconds to read new topics back in the day). Therefore, there is no need for so many positions and there is no need for so many staff categories.


The positions you should keep:


- Global Moderator - 1 guy, I would vote for Celestine

- Game Moderator - 1 or 2 guys, responsible to apply the rules in gaming sections

- Market Moderator - 1 or 2 guys, responsible to apply the rules in the marketplace sections

- Gold Member - Temporary position to active members that have proved their worth. Job is to assist the moderators by reporting to them directly (perhaps access to staff boards as well)


Positions like L2J or L2OFF moderator, or even Legendary Members I think should not be considered staff members. It's more of a 'flex' to keep any of these positions if you ask me. So you should change these type of staff positions to some sort of 'Rank' or 'Occupation'. Like, why would you have L2J Moderator as a staff member, it's not like the ability to code means you're good at managing boards in a forum.




Also, Co-Administrator I never really understood, I guess Maxtor decided to add this rank in order for people to message them instead of him because Global Moderators are more time online than him. (no hate here, just saying I think it's not necessary to have this position).

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I agree than L2J / L2OFF and even eventually L2 client positions are beyond useless : helpers help people no matter if they got a rank or not (I didn't feel like I had to help more ppl when I was on this position), and generally speaking your own interests could collide with whatever ppl says - therefore, a neutral and "not related" dude should be used.


Also, I never saw any of ppl in that position doing anything special (me included) for its category.


There's also far lesser traffic in those boards, making it pointless to admin. Except some random toxic messages to clean up from time to time, there is nothing to do anymore in L2J board. The amount of help requests was easily divided from 5 to 10 in the last 10 years.


Ty for the people who tagged my name, but I limit to the maximum to admin my own project's forums, so being a L2J or even Global Moderator on those forums... That would be a burden. I prefer to keep helping on Help Request when I can, like I always did, and busy my own business on my own communication channels.


You also see me less because there is less Help Request to care about. Finally, I "try to" avoid to interact with people, most of left people isn't friendly at all, either being jealous for no specific reason, or simply mean/insulting.


I prefer to spend my time caring about my project or playing games.

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