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interlude [L2J] L2Eonar


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# Eonar RATES

* EXP: 1500x
* Adena: 1000x
* Spoil: 1000x
* Drops: 2x
* Autolearn Skills
*Safe Enchant : 7
*Max. Enchant : 16
*Normal Scroll chance : 50%
*Blessed Scroll chance : 50%

*Gold Scroll chance : 70%

# Currency




* Start with with B Grade and 15kk adena
* Start at level 80
* Main Town Giran 
# Farm AREA'S

* Mithril Mines
* Elven Fortress
* Abandoned Camp


# Eonar Armor 

Heavy - CON +2  P.atk +10% P.def +35%  HP + 578 M Resist +12% when shield equipped (Can be also Upgraded to PvP - Only pvp dmg)

Light - DEX +2 P.atk +10% P.atk Spd +20% Speed +10%  Critical Power +10%  Evasion +5 HP +550 (Can be also Upgraded to PvP - Only pvp dmg)

Robe - WIT +2 Cast Spd +15% M atk + 27% M def + 10% P.Def +10%  hp +578 and -5% reuse

# No Custom Weapons

A lot of skins and accesories

* Many Raids all over the L2 world drop unique crystals for changing base, scrolls/bogs etc

* Buff duration is set at 3 hour for all buffs
* Town Buffers in all main towns with all available buffs
* 30 + 4 slots

* 10 Debuff Slots


If you dont like to donate you can create diamonds ingame and get the same stuff as a donator 



Ranking System (Like League of Legends with unique rewards)

Lucky box event

Puzzle Event


Fortress Siege

Last Man Standing



No raidboss jewels in shop



* Global Gatekeeper
* NPC Class Changer
* Unique Augmenter
* Subclass free


Epics Everyday
* Valakas 01:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time 
* Antharas 22:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time
* Baium 21:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time 
* Frintezza 23:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time 
* Zaken 20:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time 
* Core 17:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time 
* Orfen 18:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time 
* Queen 19:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time 



Public Beta is on until everything is tested

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    • Does anyone know the name of the program/interface you use to see the health of epics on Essence (Crusader patch)? It is about the new L2Reborn Essence server.   If anyone can help me would be greatly appreciated     **did not know where to post**
    • Does anyone know the name of the program/interface you use to see the health of epics on Essence (Crusader patch)? It is about the new L2Reborn Essence server.   If anyone can help me would be greatly appreciated
    • This is one of kind of differences that I described in first reply. L2PcInstance in acis and Player in mobius https://bitbucket.org/MobiusDev/l2j_mobius/src/master/L2J_Mobius_CT_0_Interlude/java/org/l2jmobius/gameserver/model/actor/Player.java There could be a lot such diffs like class names, method names, variable names. This names could be very similar like sendClientPacket() in one sources and sendPacketToClient() in another, only understanding in lineage core logic and logical thinking could help to indicate how to adapt scripts between sources. Also don't forget to use IDE features like search, code analysis etc. this could help to understand which class method should be user to replace 
    • I know this topic is old, but I want to say that Lost Ark did the right thing because you can't judge a game without trying to play it. That would mean a player's opinion could be unreliable or too harsh.
    • First of all thank you for your answer!   I understand a little about programming. Enough to create dynamic websites with PHP, bash, etc. That is, I know the general programming syntax. It's been several hours and I think I'm understanding a little more how java would work. So far I have understood that in the different codes that are published I have to add/modify the code in the "index" files that are indicated. All this in eclipse before compiling, on java directory. I'm trying to add one of these: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/216955-tvt-ctf-and-dm-for-acis/ https://maxcheaters.com/topic/206016-tvt-event-reworked-tvtjoin-tvtleave-tvtstatus/ Now I find small difficulties:   - In L2jMobius there are no "net.sf.l2j.*" files because they are "org.l2jmobius". When I add an import what I do is modify that part of the line and eclipse indicates that it is correct. The problem comes from the fact that there are files that do not come on Mobius. For example *.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2PcInstance.java. I downloaded from https://bitbucket.org/MobiusDev/l2j_mobius.git   - Due to the above I have decided to use L2jAcis (I have read that it has many errors for not pvp server). Specifically this: https://gitlab.com/Tryskell/acis_public .The problem is that it also doesn't have the java files called L2*, like L2PcInstance.   I have found this dapatack that does have the L2* (https://github.com/exvo23/l2jacis400). I find it strange that the Tryskell (Acis official) doesn't have L2* files and exvo23 does.   I dont understand this with Acis.   Basically I want to build a server compiled by me and not pre-built by other people. I want TvT and little else. The idea is a server x20 not retail but without pvp style and without buffer/gmshop. Thank you very much again for your answer! I will try to continue learning, although I am somewhat lost with so many dapatack and codes for each one.          
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