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Hello All, we have been playing 18 years Medal of Honor Spearhead with friends. Lately, unfortuantely we have discovered cheat-world smile.gif So, we are using wallhack currently. However , we have realized other team's shooting performance is increased like 200% in one nightsad.gif As far as I understood after reading forum , they are using Aimbot and maybe autoshooting.

We are using "Radmin" for connection.

Anyone can help us with understanding the situation and continue 18 years old happiness please?
- How I can have an aimbot? And is there a manual that explains really details for the ones like me (idiot). Because , even I have one, I don't know how to use.(I couldn't even find out how to run "console" at multiplayer)
- Or, is there anything that can disable others aimbots due Radmin?
I see there is a big work and performanve here , my problem could be silly and simple for your guys but believe me it's a really big deal for us.
Thank you everyone in advance for your time...

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Welcome to the forums.

Sadly I can't help you on that matter, but you should post it on the subforum "MMO Games -> Other Multiplayer Games", maybe someone can help you here on this matter.


Hope you can find the solution.

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