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Pws Mporw Na Emfanisw



Pws Mporw Na Valw Stats sta html file ta stats pou einai katw

dld na grafei

p.atk +2000

m.atk +3000

exw vrei sto pride merika alla auta dixnoun mono osa einai me add kai oxi mul stats


    LIMIT_HP("limitHp"), // non-displayed hp limit
    MAGIC_ATTACK_SPEED("mAtkSpd"), // how fast a magic spell is casted (including animation)
    ATK_REUSE("atkReuse"), // make bows hit simple hits way slower and will not affect skills
    MAGIC_REUSE_RATE("mReuse"), // how fast a magic spell becomes ready to reuse
    CRITICAL_DAMAGE_ADD("cAtkAdd"), // this is another type for special critical damage mods - vicious stance, crit power and crit damage SA
    // it was totally bad since now...
    // PVP BONUS
    // PVE BONUS
    // Run speed, walk & escape speed are calculated proportionally, magic speed is a buff
    // Special stats, share one slot in Calculator
    // VARIOUS
    AGGRESSION("aggression"), // locks a mob on tank caster
    BLEED("bleed"), // by daggers, like poison
    POISON("poison"), // by magic, hp dmg over time
    STUN("stun"), // disable move/ATTACK for a period of time
    ROOT("root"), // disable movement, but not ATTACK
    MOVEMENT("movement"), // slowdown movement, debuff
    CONFUSION("confusion"), // mob changes target, opposite to aggression/hate
    SLEEP("sleep"), // sleep (don't move/ATTACK) until attacked

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