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Valakas Bow Lvl3 + Shilen lv8
Antharas Shaper Lvl3 + Shilen lv8
Fancy Fishing Rod
Bloodstained Zariche Bow
Augmented Legendary Elmore Cloak +15 (7,5% skill crit dmg / +10% skill power )
Supreme Leather Set +10 R110
Enhanced Ruler Authority +7
Greater Agathion Aries Charm +3
Greater Agathion Leo Charm +3
Greater Agathion Scorpio Charm +3
Dragon Claw
Superion La Vien Roses Brooch +5
Superior Kalilel Bracelet +5
Superior Kalilel Bracelet +7
Superior Seed Bracelet +5 lv4
Unique Artifact Book +5 lv3
Greater Ruby lv3
Greater Red Cat lv3
Greater Diamond lvl3
Greater Opal lv3
Greater Emerald lv3
Greater Tanzanite lv3
Greater Amethyst lv3
Greater Obsidian lv3
Highgrade Talisman Abudance lv4
Talisman 7s
Epic Talisman
Blessed Antharas Earring (+6/+5/+5)
Blessed Valakas Necklace +6
Bloody Eternal Robe set R99 +10
Bloody Eternal Heavy set R99 +10
Artifact P. Skill Critical Damage +10 ( Red )
Artifact Standart Attack Critical Damage +10 ( Red )
Artifact P. Attack +10 ( Red )
Artifact P. Skill Critical Damage +10 ( Balance )
Artifact Standart Attack Critical Damage +10 ( Balance )
Artifact Fixed Damage Resistance +10 ( Support )
Artifact P. Def +10 ( Protection )
Artifact P. Skill power +10 ( Red )
Superior Seed Bracelet lv3


DISCORD: iVop#5040

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