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java command set a player clan


hello mxc forum :)

can anyone help me to create a command in java or to use if exisiting , to make a character set to a clan ?

i don't know if it's possible but i have an example


"        int _nameColor0 = 0xFFFFFF; 

               _Player.getAppearance().setNameColor(_nameColor0);        "

this makes the character to get name color white ,

can someone tell me how i can make the character to set into a clan , clan id that i want to ?

im trying this way Player.setClan(268436844); 

268436844 is clanid in database , but i think i miss something 


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acis382 ->RequestAnswerJoinPledge.java line 48 and below (ignore the onRequestResponse part since you are forcing this). As for the clan to join, either put an argument on your bypass and parse it's id/name (using ClanTable#getClan or ClanTable#getClanByName) or get the whole clan list from ClanTable, display it into an npchtmlmessage (using a pagination ofc)

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StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(command, " ");
Clan clan = ClanTable.getInstance().getClanByName(st.nextToken());
PlayerInstance target = admin.getTarget().getActingPlayer();
if (target == null || clan == null || !target.isPlayer())
	admin.sendMessage("Invalid target/clan.");
	return false;


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