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Grand Opening : 2/10/2020




icon g_ancient_book_piece_highMain Info

icon etc_exp_point_i00Exp/Sp : x10, Adena/Drop/Spoil: x8, Quest: x5, RB Drop: x3
icon skill1363Buffs : 24+4 (No Divine Inspiration needed) 
icon skill0000Buff Time : 2 hours
race humansafe enchant : +3 / max enchant +16
icon etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05Normal Scrolls : 66% (decrease by 3% each enchant, e.g. +4 66%, +5 63%,.., +16 30%)
icon etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05Blessed scrolls :  10% additional to normal scrolls



icon call_of_earth_dragonGameplay Info :

icon etc_spellbook_gray_i00You start level 1 (full NG gear)
icon armor_t72_ul_i00All items till B grade at GM Shop
icon armor_t89_ul_i00A/S grade items are crafted


icon skill0046Raid Bosses Info :
 Barakiel – 8h +/- 30 minutes
 Queen Ant – 24h +/- 60 minutes
 Orfen – 48h +/- 60 minutes
 Core – 48h +/- 60 minutes
 Zaken – 48h +/- 60 minutes
 Baium – 120h +/- 60 minutes
 Frintezza – 48h +/- 60 minutes
 Antharas – 168h +/- 60 minutes
 Valakas – 240h +/- 60 minutes


icon skill1492Custom Info :
Smart Farm Assistant: Smart Farming System is an Auto Farming tool that allows you to farm hands-free.
Clan – Automatic Academies: Clan Automatic Academies is a Unique L2Saint feature which allows players to automatically join a clan academy for a guaranteed reward upon graduation.

Shopping – Auction House: In Community Board under “Shopping” tab you can find our Auction House which allows the following features.


Our Links : 

Site  https://l2saint.com/
Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/l2saintinterlude/
Discord Server   https://discord.gg/VaTpM7k

Grand Opening Bonus : 
Premium stats on the weekend!
Clans over 15+ members will receive clan lvl 8 + CS (contact us on Skype or Disord).

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