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Hi everyone !


i'm currently working on mobius free pow 1 realese and updated it to pow3. i'm selling the sources to be able to invest a bit into my own server.

I did update all the packets from pow1 to pow3

fixed the artifact window not working

fixed the agathion to work properly (main ability and secondary were all applying without conditions)

fixed some exploits like infinite dualclass certif

added the new hairs / faces


with my team we implemented many pow3 items but may be missing some.

basically the datapack isnt complete but the packets are as the most important features

You can test the sources on my own server


i don't have a fixed price, just pm me with your offer if you're interested or have some questions about it.

(i won't answer questions like "how do i upate to pow3")


I also started on homun update

- Login support done

- Favorite teleport done

and started the homunculus part aswell

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