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WTS WTS Duelist 82 - L2 Essence

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Duelist 82 lvl all skills Learned

Equipment: Tal*Dama +5, Full Majestic Set Heavy +3+3+3+5, ToI Ring +6, DV Ring +6, Brooch lvl3, Tali Bracelet lvl3, Agathion Bracelet lvl3, Protection Cloack +4, Dragon Belt +3, Aden Tali ,Eva Tali, Speed Tali, Authority Tali (all +4), Gems Moon+4, Onyx+3, Zicron+3, Spinel+3 rest gems +2, All Agathions +5, Einhasad +1, Elements all 2nd Evolution lvl 10

More Items and Consumables: 50 boxes for Aden Tali, Eva Tali, Speed Tali, and Dragon Belt for try over-enchant, Sayha's  Blessing x450, cookies x200, Baseball Exp Boost x10, many other consumables for farm non stop for 2 months (3 Million SS, 70k Spirit Ore ++ etc.), 60 Dino Island Stones for recharge. 400 Mil Adena


Other: On Same account Necro lvl 70 and Dwarf lvl 70 with B Grades and basic gears (Better than Adventurer Quest free items)

Pet Strider lvl 60


Character is w/o clan and keep growing




400 Euro

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