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  1. Duelist 82 lvl all skills Learned Equipment: Tal*Dama +5, Full Majestic Set Heavy +3+3+3+5, ToI Ring +6, DV Ring +6, Brooch lvl3, Tali Bracelet lvl3, Agathion Bracelet lvl3, Protection Cloack +4, Dragon Belt +3, Aden Tali ,Eva Tali, Speed Tali, Authority Tali (all +4), Gems Moon+4, Onyx+3, Zicron+3, Spinel+3 rest gems +2, All Agathions +5, Einhasad +1, Elements all 2nd Evolution lvl 10 More Items and Consumables: 50 boxes for Aden Tali, Eva Tali, Speed Tali, and Dragon Belt for try over-enchant, Sayha's Blessing x450, cookies x200, Baseball Exp Boost x10, many other consumables for farm non stop for 2 months (3 Million SS, 70k Spirit Ore ++ etc.), 60 Dino Island Stones for recharge. 400 Mil Adena Other: On Same account Necro lvl 70 and Dwarf lvl 70 with B Grades and basic gears (Better than Adventurer Quest free items) Pet Strider lvl 60 Character is w/o clan and keep growing 400 Euro
  2. WTS Gladiator 70 + Elven Elder 64 Both 260 Euro.
  3. your proof is what exactly? that if some transaction end up bad for connectivity issues up to paypal problem u will keep the amount w/o refund or giving at least an amount of adena that justifies the euro u got? and that is not scum? do you have a disclaimer? do you have any support if problem happen? Nope, i guess it goes like that.. 1.we give money, 2.u say "oh there is problem"... 3.we say ok refund euro back or give adena for euro that went through, 4. u say Thx for Euro bb. And btw, i know u will say u say u sell in 100s 200s, but the truth is that u changed the description because yesterday it was "below 100e u charge 1,3e per million. U r scammer and u r done. Ii will be here to make sure my 50 euro will be enough to save others. and if i ever stop play L2 before you.. i got enough proof to make additional ticket in 4game, and after that u r 50% to get banned or w/e else. (i dont make now cus maybe i get burned with you). straight answer.
  4. "like you where important for 110e.. " 110 is nothing huih? lol but u choose to keep the 50e ahaha.. w/e you have already got 1 BAN from MeVsYou, & personaly u have scummed me and i got proofs IF ANY1 asks i send the a full zip with info. no more scum for u. There are others who do clean and fast transactions and work honorable.. if u know what honorable means...
  5. I did some more research, he has been already tagged as fraud from paypal, and that explains why he can accept limited amounts of euro per time, that's why he provides a second email so he can SCAM the full amount fast and easy, also avoid problems. PS @ COMMUNITY: Be careful, you do transactions but the risk is all yours!
  6. Scammer 100%, the guy has not adena, he sells air. If you want to lose money buy from him. The 100Mil - 110e is just candy for the eyes.. u wont find in here so cheap adena, he is scammer and i should have known before i got burned by this animal. All time he was playing good till he got the euro and then problems start.... then he tried to scam more but i blocked him.