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Report Designatix moderator for abusing his privileges


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3 hours ago, warTAGG said:

After 3-4 days he finally responded when I posted in his design services topic in maxcheaters forum and got answer that "I am not a serious client" and I should have paid him upfront (even thought he didn't ask me to pay upfront). Also for some reason he was mad that I was talking with other designers.  Discussion ended when he locked his design services topic and deleted all my posts from his design services topic.

First of all i wasn't mad that you spoke to another designer, i was mad because you contacted me some time ago for something and then you just ignored me and contacted another person for the same reason and ignored him as well and what you don't know is that this guy was my partner so yeah seeing that you do that to both of us makes me suspicious and with that said obviously i didn't trust you at all.


3 hours ago, warTAGG said:

I left him him a negative feedback on maxcheaters, so that everybody would know that he doesn't care about his clients. However after 1 day I noticed that he is also deleting feedbacks from his profile, so I left another feedback. Result: First he deleted my feedback and banned me from posting for 2-3 days, later I got ban for 1 year.

I talked to you about that on my topic and you didn't listen, i deleted the feedback because as mentioned and in some comments on this topic what you did was abuse of the feedback system since you didn't actually buy anything from me and you just ignored that and added another one, i deleted this as well and gave you a chat ban not a ban like you said for 3 days and you kept ignoring me and gave me another feedback.


1 hour ago, warTAGG said:

I placed an order (which he accepted) and sent him the required design files and waited 3-4 days for him to complete his work. It was a simple work, price was only 15EUR and from my experience designers to that kind of work fast and we pay after. It's not a huge task that would cost hundreds of euros so we would need to arrange an uprfront payment (obviously if he asked I would have paid upfront, no problem). 

By giving me the required design files you mean you showed me your logo in .png format on skype and you gave me a link from your site to check your design and match it.

And also yeah i was about to do the designs (even after the delay because i had some irl problems) but then my partner sended me and told me that you spam him as well about me so yeah that reminded me the reason i didn't trust you in the first place. Also regarding pre-payment i've done several works and always get pre-payment from everyone i didn't knew i had to say it, you on the other hand didn't had feedbacks as a buyer or a seller and you already made me lose my trust on you before we had that discussion for the designs.


1 hour ago, warTAGG said:


Who are you? You registered your account more than 1 year ago, your first post was related to interface decryption and your second post 1 year later is defending Designatix. Coincidence?

Iluminati confirmed.


1 hour ago, warTAGG said:

He accepted the order and promised me that he will finish work in one day. Instead he dissapeared for 3-4 days and ignored me completely.

I didn't know that by saying yes to do a service i'm giving a promise to fulfil at the same time.


30 minutes ago, Elfocrash said:

> "Also for some reason he was mad that I was talking with other designers"

This is also pretty shitty of him/her.

He didn't even contacted other designer, this was for a totally different thing and before that discussion for designs.


29 minutes ago, warTAGG said:

Leaving a feedback seemed like the only option, since he's deleting posts and locking his own threads. 

You could leave a reply on my topic saying your opinion and i would leave it there since in that case you were right, there are two reasons i didn't do the work, the first one was i didn't trust you at all, the second one was that i had some irl problems i was inactive everywhere because of that and what you did instead of canceling the service and look for another designs and leave a bad review about my services for the delay you started raging leaving me negative feedbacks and complaining to everyone about it so yeah after that i didn't inform you that i couldn't make the designs due to irl problems i simply ignored you and i gave you the chance to calm down, i didn't deleted your posts in the first place i only deleted your negative feedback which wasn't valid at all and the reason of that is being said by several members on this topic and you kept giving me negative feedbacks and kept saying shits about me instead of get over it and move on. You wasted your time crying about it and doing nothing, i didn't waste your time because i didn't respond for 3 days. You could always speak with another designer and have your work done since i didn't respond to you to accept the job.


Anyway enough drama you said your opinion, i said mine, Maxtor did read your pms and discuss it with everyone on the team and heared my side of the story as well if anyone of the staffers believe i'm wrong here he can do what he has to do.


Topic locked!

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