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Wait for party Adrenaline script. Necros and catas maps

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I've written a script to wait for the party when moving. So they don't get lost in case I have a big combat zone loaded, like a catacomb. I like for the bot to move around the whole place an not just stay in one room. I have the zmaps of whole necropolis and catacombs. I'll pm the script and zmaps to you if you write here a good adrenaline configuration for a class you know how to use, considering skills to farm for each lvl and skills for pvp. The settings I have in adrenaline are pretty basic because I only now how to play well a couple classes. If you don't want to configure it in adrenaline you can just tell me when would you use each skill or find me a good guide for the class that details when to use which skills. I don't mind if you give repeated classes as I'd like to see different opinions on which skills to use.

You have to write a script with whatever name you want for example 'Main.txt'. The script that I have would go in the same directory and the name should be 'FunctionsModule.txt'. Then you open the 'Main.txt' script in adrenaline. Turn on the bot and press the play button. Each time it moves around it will wait for your party to be close to you to keep moving.






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