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WTS Chars RPG x5 + others

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Phoenix Knight full:


-Vorpal Set PVP 1800 att full +6

-Vesper cutter +7 SA 300

- Vesper Bow +5 SA 300 

- Skills +27/+15, subclass 80/80/75

-Oly Weapons and jewels, active reflect, refresh and Duel Might

- Cloak +6

- 20k Fame points

- Zaken + Tezza jews

- No mail (I'll give you 500 rur for mail changing or change character from account)


Also selling:


- Hierophant 85/75/75/65 nobless with vesper nobles 900att. Skills +15 - no mail

- Phamtom Summoner 85/75/65 nobless, with vesper noble 900 att + vesper buster 300. Skills +10-+15 - no mail

- GK 85 vesper light  with Vesper Fists +4 300 fire SA + subclass lvl 6x, zealot +14 (No mail) - no mail

- Cov 82 30% 7s quest not done (83+ with 7s quest) + mail, no sub.




 Also got 20k RUR for selling for 50€. 


Send private or give your discord/skype to contact you, already sold many chars previous years on RPG.

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