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  1. Hello, I'm selling Master account with those characters: Saggitarius 77 50% sub Warlock 73, Warlord 64, Temple knight 60. Has fake Tezza, Antharas, Zaken, Orfen, QA and Baium. Spoiler 74 sub Moonlight Sentinel 78 sub SPS 6x Has fake tezza, zaken, orfen, QA, baium Eva's Saint 78 sub Prophet 56 Has fake tezza, zaken, orfen. BW set + C wep acumen Warsminth 58 (craft shots A/B/C) 12 selling slots Also have around 1k COLs i can sell them at ratio 7€ = 100 COL More info vía PM, skype or dis
  2. PM. Also got some rurs and adena for sell.
  3. ***ULTIMATE BUNDLE, SELLING ALL 4 CHARS FOR 35e*** Selling: Phoenix Knight full: -Vorpal Set PVP 1800 att full +6 -Vesper cutter +7 SA 300 - Vesper Bow +5 SA 300 - Skills +27/+15, subclass 80/80/75 -Oly Weapons and jewels, active reflect, refresh and Duel Might - Cloak +6 - 20k Fame points - Zaken + Tezza jews - No mail (I'll give you 500 rur for mail changing or change character from account) Also selling: - Hierophant 85/75/75/65 nobless with vesper nobles 900att. Skills +15 - no mail -
  4. Hello, any script for L2 Master Yogi Event? Thanks.
  5. Wts WC 41 with VIP 3- Also has 7 day rune from event. Got 1 CM, many exp scroll buffs / fish buf Giving original mail, bday, name and all needed info. Price = 20e
  6. Wtb OL/Bh 40-50 in l2 Giran. Mail with price.
  7. ***ULTIMATE QUITTING BUNDLE: ALL FOR 95e*** Selling chars in l2 RPG: Phoenix Knight 80/79/75/75 Angelic Icon / Sacrifice +22Tribunal/Shield Stun/Shackle +15Various Skills +10450kk SP16k Fame points30 Day Vita AgathionEquipment:Vesper Shaper Haste +4 300 (PvP) with Duel MightSet vorpal heavy +3 1800 attHigh Grade Ornament (Pvp Defense) SShirt S + Bracelet SCloak of Flame +4Augments:Valhalla Acumen -> Reflect ActiveSOES Focus -> Refresh ActiveSOES BtB -> Focus ActiveHell Knife -> Duel Weakness Active Also coming with tons of elemental stones,
  8. It's suposed to have a custom antibot
  9. As far as i know Adrenaline not working, anyone knows an alternative?
  10. WTS: Adena: 57kk for 15€ Tyrant 68 BW hvy + Bellion Cestus Othell 6 - VIP 5 + Black cloak +3 - 45€ Tyrant 67 BW hvy + Bellion Cestus Othell 6 - VIP 3 - 42€ With purchase of atleast 1 tyrant can also sell: WC 67 BW robe set + spirit staff (low B) - VIP 4 - 40€ BD 65 set C duals B - Vip 3 - 32€ PP 59 all buffs learned (no Greaters) - VIP1 - 25€ Each one comes with different mail. Bundle Price: ALL FOR 140€ also comes with 57kk adena and 20 drops Avadon/Zubei PM or skype for negotiations or details.
  11. NOT TRUSTABLE. ---> live:amirjuev  Been contacted on 29th July getting offered cheap powerlvl services, gave him ONE week to proceed (I pre-paid and gave him toon account so he could do his work freely without thinking i wouldnt pay). After that week he told me he had issues with his mate and he couldn't give me that powerlvl asking me a couple days to get a solution, he looked a nice guy who had an issue so I trusted him and gave him more time.  Untill then always the same, everyday or two days asking for me when i'm not online in skype and asking me f
  12. Sir, i just got this notification. I dont know if he's using alts but for sure I'm not and I can trust him. As you can check my account is not new and i'm another seller so I would suggest to check IDs before treating anybody. This summer got scammed by a guy only trusted by "Top trusted seller" (Mr. Pro) in this forum and I couldn't report it to anybody and he didnt get banned or smth so I appreciate when I see sellers with multiple trust posts, thats why I replied this post. Greetings,
  13. Pretty fast, friendly and competitive prices. Trustable source, purchased 2 times different chars and 1 time adena. 0 issues.
  14. WTB WC in gamecoast x3 Also interested in powerlvl services skype: d_juarez15
  15. Purchased tyr 50 + bd 40. All fine, nice guy.
  16. Hi, Want to join that server, I prefer a Necromancer but i'm open to any kind of char/stuff offering. I'm already trusted seller, wont pay in advance to anyone who can't prove is a trusted seller so avoid wasting time scammers.
  17. I'm out one week by work, I'll try to answer each night. Delieverings will be done if you purchase in less than 24h. Greetings,
  18. Hello, Quitting from server, selling 150kk Adena at ratio 9kk = 1e (15e for 150kk) Transfer via paypal, you pay first, already made some trades here so don't waste time trying to scam. Also I could sell MA for 30e with following chars: Eva's Saint 78 (93%) with TL Robe, Homu acumen, Staff C Conversion, Koka 7x C grade jewels Spoiler 68 Crafter 62 with 80kk in shots SE 66