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  1. Hey guys, Skelth Goldies service is eager to provide you with powerexp service 1-76 lvl at Skelth. We can offer : 1-40 25 euro Rest pwlvl 0.15 USD per 1kk of exp Shoot me for any interest : amirjuev@gmail.com via Skype
  2. Hey guys We are getting rid of multiple high level toons on Skelth and that is the list : Spoiler 77.9 Wc 77.7 Bd 78 Sws78 Sk 75.6 Ee75. 8 PP 75 Pp 71 Destroyer 78 Destroyer 72 Spoiler 72 Sws 72 Bd 72 Wc 72 We 69 Crafter 70 All the toons are sold by an original owner, never involved in any scam or bannable offences For all of the info : skupe amirjuev@gmail.com