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Change of Skill Group



Hello people, I've made a thread on a bad subforum and I am sorry for that :/ Hopefully this time it's the right one.


I added custom values to GM buffs so they work as custom buffs for normal players. They work as I intended (stat changes, cost of skill etc.)

The only problem is, They appear in a different skill group (Weaken) instead of (Buffs) or so. I want them to appear in Item buffs in every characater Skills. Is that doable?

If it helps, here is the code. 


<skill id="7041" levels="1" name="Master's Blessing - Focus">
		<!-- GM Skill -->
		<set name="abnormalLvl" val="9" />
		<set name="abnormalTime" val="14400" />
		<set name="abnormalType" val="critical_prob_up" />
		<set name="aggroPoints" val="495" />
		<set name="castRange" val="400" />
		<set name="effectRange" val="900" />
		<set name="hitTime" val="500" />
		<set name="isMagic" val="1" /> <!-- Magic Skill -->
		<set name="mpConsume" val="2" />
		<set name="operateType" val="A2" />
		<set name="skillType" val="BUFF" />
		<set name="targetType" val="ONE" />
		<set name="itemConsumeCount" val="100" />
		<set name="itemConsumeId" val="7627" />
			<effect name="Buff" abnormalTime="14400" val="0" abnormalLvl="9" abnormalType="critical_prob_up">
				<basemul stat="critRate" val="0.3" />
				<mul stat="critRate" val="1.15" />
				<add stat="mCritRate" val="10" />


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You probably messed it up in the client (skillgrp).



3    1    0    10    40    3    1.08000004    0    S        icon.skill0003    0    0    0    0    9    11


The yellow number must be 0, not 1.

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