Hi guys. 


Short question. How could I disable the champion spawn for certain monsters with a certain title? The monster type is L2Monster, and the title is MonsterSpawn.


Would it be possible to exclude these mobs to be transformed into a champion mob?


			// Set champion on next spawn
			if (!(this instanceof L2GrandBossInstance) && !(this instanceof L2RaidBossInstance) && !(this instanceof L2ChestInstance) && !(getTemplate().title.contentEquals("MonsterSpawn") && (this instanceof L2MonsterInstance)
			&& (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_FREQUENCY > 0) && (getLevel() >= Config.L2JMOD_CHAMP_MIN_LVL) && (getLevel() <= Config.L2JMOD_CHAMP_MAX_LVL)))
				final int random = Rnd.get(100);
				if (random < Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_FREQUENCY)

As you can see I tried with the getTemplte.title but I doesn't work.

Any help or hint would be great. Thanks!

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