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[High Five EXPLOIT]Perma FinalForm untransformed for Kamaels

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Only working for these stinky and bad high five servers (99.9% of them).

Just go with your high lvl kamael near raid boss Torumba (SOA) and talk to the NPC called "Bomona" and click on his dialogue to transform into a Treykan.

Now, after you are transformed now click to untransform in your skill list.

If the bug works, you should have untransformed but you will still keep the transformation buff (which means that this bug is now active on your character).


After that, go to keucereus city or SOI, now use Aura Falcon/Howl transformations and relog.

After relog, you should have Treykan transformation active, but also, you should have Treykan and Aura Bird Transformation buffs on your buff list.


Now, to make this bug useful, simple untransform from treykan,   ALT+Click to delete treykan transformation, and now, use Final Flying Form (from your kamael), and then, unstransform (this should delete your Aura Bird transformation but will keep Final Flying Form buff and his +100% P.atk/P.def/M.def stats boost).


Enjoy and destroy these shitty H5 Servers.



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13 minutes ago, Rootware said:

Make a video please. Too many letters.

No, I'm also loging out forever here.

If you want to destroy any server just read for 3 minutes and understand how it works.

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