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interlude [L2J] L2 Grey


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  • Exp: 200x
  • SP: 200x
  • Adena: 200x
  • Party Exp: 1.2x
  • Party SP: 1.2x
  • Spoil: 1x
  • Drop: 2x
  • Quest: 2x


  • Safe Enchant: +3(4 for full armor)
  • Max Enchant: +16
  • Max for Armor/Jewels: +12
  • Enchant Rate: 75%
  • Blessed Rate: 85%
  • Crystal Rate: 100%


  • Buff time: 2 hours
  • Buff slots: 32+4
  • Skills: Auto Learn
  • Offline Trade/Craft System (players get disconnected after finishing)
  • No subclass quest
  • Killing barakiel grants you Noblesse Status
  • Weekly Olympiad
  • Olympiad Max Enchant: +6


  • .menu
  • .online
  • .deposit
  • .withdraw
  • .votehop
  • .votetop
  • .votenet
  • .repair
  • .tvtjoin
  • .tvtleave
  • .tvtstatus

Personal Menu
Pops off when you type .menu command

Vote/Event Rewards

  • When you vote or win any event, you will be rewarded with vote coins/event passes. Vote Coin and Event Pass can be exchanged in custom shop for blessed scrolls,lifestones,etc

About customs/farming etc

  • There are dynasty weapons/armors with retail stats, just to keep the server balanced.
  • Most of the stuff can be bought with adenas(or gold bars) and vote/event coins
  • Although mobs in monastery of silence have a small chance of dropping blessed scrolls alongside their retail drops.
  • Plus, mobs in primeval isle have a small chance of dropping life stones alongside their retail drops.
  • Tyrranosaurus has 30% chance of dropping a top grade life stone and 30% chance of dropping blessed scroll. His respawn time is 5 min

Grand Boss Respawn Timers

  • Queen Ant: 16-18 Hours
  • Antharas: 26-28 hours
  • Baium: 20-22 hours
  • Core: 10-12 hours
  • Frintezza: 24-26 hours
  • Orfen: 14-16 hours
  • Valakas: 34-36 hours
  • Zaken: 22-24 hours

We have done a lot of implementations to improve the gameplay and the pvp experience aswell. Our first goal was to make our custom gear slightly better than the s grade. Since we put Dynasty stuff in our server, we've come up to some decisions to make things smoother. Such decisions are:

  • Removed Dynasty Staff(It was way more powerful than Arcana Mace and Imperial Staff) and kept Dynasty Mace and Dynasty Phantom instead.
  • Made the armor/jewels max enchant 12, while weapons' cap is 16.
  • As a matter of fact, we've decided to remove Dynasty Jewels too. We consider that epic jewels should be the top ones.

Initial Help

  • Players spawn with 500k adena and top no grade gear
  • There is an NPC Buffer in every starting zone aswell
  • Completing 1st class rewards you 5kk adena
  • Completing 2nd class rewards you 10kk adena
  • Completing 3rd class rewards you 50kk adena and a Book of Giants


  • Gatekeeper
  • NPC Buffer
  • Weapon Store
  • Armor Store
  • Jewel Store
  • Mineral Store
  • Augmenter


Website: http://l2grey.com/

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I can see a little bit of progress, even though 45 online are not sth special. I really enjoyed my last week here but unfortunately i have to study for the rest of the month, if this survives during july im definately coming back

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15 minutes ago, Loftheim said:

You tell him that x200 is a waste of time but you suggest making it x100?

Seems logically.

by x100 i meant even lower if he wants which i just dont think he does 

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