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WebSite RedTotal Html by Polaco

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Html website created by me I have several models following this style, I am only making this available, to see or to acquire another please contact me.

What goes in the zip is the index.html home page, you can create the others like download, info, donate and etc .. Just copy the index rename to the desired page and edit the html as you wish.

Simple tutorial to change fan-page and team to grand open.

Grand open:

in iso2030-04-27T00: 00: 00 changes to the desired date example: 12/06/2019 at 12:00 would look like this = iso2019-06-12T12: 00: 00

To change the Fan-page in: 2FL2Amalur% 2F change to the name of your fan-page example: PortalMultibox would look like 2FPortalMultibox% 2F

Advantages of using a website in html: It is totally safe against all attacks

Disadvantages: As a site in html it does not need a database but to use it you have to create automatic accounts, you can not use rankings on it or anything that needs a database.

Link for seer WebSite: http://l2advanced.net/RedTotal/

Download to WebSite:https://mega.nz/#!v1RQ1Yjb!_oNysqFY5AferBza92jRj5H7Q7iDPqMM-JVITqEpOzY

My Contact for other websites: https://www.facebook.com/L2Amalur/

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