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The server will be launched on 19/01/2019 18:00 (GMT+2).


New start New updates

1. we add more Aoe skill in Grand boss. now the in Grand boss area u need at last one cardinal for de-buffs. l

2. we remove 2 s grade weapon cause with our stats its cheat.

3. we balance all class again. now any class need the right build.

4. fix some skills recast.

5. we make the siege more strong. Now tha gates have more Hp and some time u need and golem too destroy the walls.
6.clan max members is 10. with that more clan wars.

7 .evry 1 week the server make announce about what clan is in 1th place. the 1th place win 100 donate coins.

8. we fix augs trade. now u cannot trade weapon with aug.

9. add 2 more pve zone.

10. we change the vote system. now any vote = vote coin.  u need vote coin for PvP mats.

11. we add crystals A grade in all Rbs.

12. we nerf a lillte the normal Rbs.

13. donate page = now the donate page opening after 2 days and all the items have medium price for all.

14. we add zone for reputation and clan eggs. ( cemetery clan zone )

15. we add Pk Gurds in any safe zone. now if u pk people and u die the change too drop items is 50%




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update 16/01/2018
1. chaotic zone in all Grand zone. / PvP protection after 3 same Ip-Kill.
2. the olympiad weapons u can buy only with vote Medal.
3. the adena boost in solo quest zone. but the mobs is more strong.
4. add more mats on dynasty sets. remove all vesper items.
5. the PvP Boss drop more items now and its easy. but have AoE damage.
6. in oly games u can use only A-S grade items with max enchat +21-25. ( custom auto remove it )

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I was playing there and the server is really good and there are true 30 bosses in GK. I dont know how u figured there are only 6-7.

If the farm gets harder it will be better for all of us.

Great  server guys and keep up the good work.

I hope this time you will make a great start!!!!! 

Good luck guys !!!

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