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Glory World - GvE Classic server from Averia.ws team
Grand Opening on 
June 15 at 19:00 CEST




Important information:


  • Closed Beta Testing launch -  May 18
  • Open Beta Testing launch - June 1 at 19:00 CEST (till June 13)
  • Server Grand Opening - June 15 at 19:00 CEST


Briefly about the server features:


An interesting GvE concept (Good vs Evil) is waiting for you based on Lineage 2 Classic: 2.0 Saviors chronicles.

The game is aimed at the widest target audience of Lineage II, who prefer PvP servers of any chronicles, but is already pretty tired of all these monotonous concepts with endless killing of mobs, endless waiting for any event to happen, purchased clans and complicated in-game hierarchy, which requires to be a no lifer.


The idea itself is not a new one. Initially in this market it was borrowed from a well-known AION game.

However, the principles we have laid in it's foundation have a number of peculiarities:


  1. Classic in contrast to any other chronicles has primarily got a more diverse assortment of skills. Well, the Korean development can be hardly called a "well-ballanced" one from PvP point of view. But taking into consideration that our game concept is a "Custom" one, in a longer distance run we can create a balance in PvP with much more buttons for each profession.
  2. We are constantly moving from small to the bigger things. The initial world will be not a big one, but you'll be able to learn very fast how to use the basic concept principles, and only after that we will expand it.
  3. Official updates of the chronicles, for the next few years, will give us the widest possible choice of content, which will positively affect the development of the product itself.
  4. We are not trying to create a new game from the scratch, based on the superficial experience in game development. You will face a familiar world with clear game rules, but it's going to be much more interesting with the unusual concept. It's not so important which chronicles personally you prefer: Interlude, Gracia, High Five, Classic or any other. GvE classic "Glory World" has all chances to satisfy anyone.
  5. Our product first of all is targeted at a solo audience and small groups, so it will become much more easier to socialize.
  6. Even with a relatively low online - it will still be interesting to play.
  7. A modern game client:
  • Automatic cache cleaning - the client has less criticals and more FPS with crowded locations.
  • And of course, it's just attractive.




image.php?di=4IU9.png Game description

The world is divided into 2 warring factions - Fire and Water.

At the beginning of the game you will have to make your choice, for which side you will fight. In the future, each player will have an opportunity to change his choice during the game and move to another faction.


The main nuances of the game, including development of the character and farming of currency, are based on the battle of factions. For the killing of representatives of the enemy side, players gain experience necessary to raise their level, as well as Adena, which can be used to buy all the necessary items in the shop, or to make trade between the players.


The game world is divided into several areas, each of which has guarded Outposts of both factions used by players to teleport. Bloody battles are constantly being fought for the control of the locations. The reason for this is the farming of resources and other valuable items, killing of monsters, raid bosses, defenders and the destruction of the outposts themselves.


In addition to the key confrontation, the game has many exciting events, such as sieges of fortresses, captures of castles, battles for epic bossesautomatic events.

A more detailed description of all server features is provided below.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Fire Fraction

Representatives of the Fire faction personify the dark side of the game world. Under the leadership of the merciless Demon Lilith, they are doing their utmost to destroy the Water faction in order to take possession of all available territories and to create the total chaos. The capital of the Fire faction is located in Oren Town in the eastern part of the game world.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Water Fraction

Representatives of the Water faction, playing the role of the bright side, together with their leader Archangel Anakim in every possible way resist the faction of the Fire in order to eradicate them and prevent violation of the general order in our world. The capital of the Water faction is in Elven Village in the western part of the game world.




image.php?di=4IU9.png Choosing a Faction

  • After creating the character, the player is given the opportunity to select the faction for which he will fight in the game.
  • Having made a choice, the player goes to the capital of his faction (the faction of Fire - Oren Town, the faction of Water - Elven Village) for further acquaintance with the game world. In the capital you can find all the necessary shops and other useful services for the development of your character.
  • During the game, the character can change his faction once every 2 days for 300 Adena. In case a player wishes to transfer his clan to another faction, he will have to pay 3000 Adena. The transition for clans is available once in 4 days.
  • A system of balancing fractions is implemented, which reduces or increases the price of each individual character belonging to a particular faction, depending on the number of players online.
  • In order to change the faction, it is necessary to find NPC Girin, who is constantly travelling between the capitals of the factions, passing through Northern Fortress. His speed is quite slow, so that every player, with little effort, will be able to find it.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Creating a Character

  • All characters appear in the initial location with a starting level 62.
  • After selecting the faction, players will have to undergo a small training to get used to the game world.
  • In the course of the training the player will choose the desired 1st and 2nd profession, will get a free choice of armor and weapons from the C grade, visit the main shops in his capital to purchase consumables, and find out where all the necessary NPCs are located for further playing, including buffers and teleport.
  • By reaching level 76, a character can receive a 3rd profession for free, as well as a bonus of 50 Adena.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Level Increasing

Players have 3 ways to increase the level of the character, each of them is advantageous in its own way:


  • The first and most productive way is to gain experience for killing players of the opposing faction. In addition to this experience, the player also receives an Adena, which is the main currency in the game.
  • The second more simplified method is killing monsters of the appropriate level around the world.

In this case, the player receives less experience, but has the opportunity to obtain Boxes with resources and other useful items.

  • The third way is the most "lazy" - fishing.  During fishing, the player gets experience for each fish or Box caught (for more details, see the Fishing section).


image.php?di=4IU9.png Game Currency

  • Adena - the main game currency of the server, for which a player can buy the necessary items in the shops of his city.

Adena is accrued for the destruction of enemy outposts, the capturing of forts and castles, for participating in events, for killing bosses and, of course, for killing a player of the opposite faction, depending on his personal value.

  • Each character has its own personal value, which is always displayed in its title.  This is a variable value, which depends on many factors of development.

The personal value of the character is affected by:

  • Level;
  • Active items of equipment (equipped by the character);
  • Level of enchanting of equipped items;
  • Number of PvP;
  • Hero status;
  • Availability of bonus runes on the player who commits a murder.

The more a player's character is developed, the more expensive is his value and the more Adena the opponents will get for his murder.

  • The amount of Adena can be increased with the help of a special rune - Rune of Adena (+60%) or a special Gold Club Cart (+60%). In addition, players receive more Adena in areas of allied structures, such as castles and forts.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Resources

We have slightly changed the standard items drop system. Players can receive resources and other useful items from special Boxes, which can only be obtained from monsters in locations.

All resources are divided into 3 groups and have different drop chances.  Find more here.

Boxes drop out with a certain chance from monsters around the world. Using Shift+Click on the monster you can see a list of items that can be obtained from him.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Weapon/Armor/Jewelry

Players have access to the equipment of C, B, A grades. 

  • C grade items can be obtained for free in the town shops.
  • Items of B and A grade are sold in shops for Adena, and also they can be obtained by killing bosses.


Equipment upgrade can happen with the help of special Scrolls of Enchantment, which can be purchased in the shop for Adena, dropping out from monsters/bosses, and also creating them with the help of a blacksmith in the town.  In case of an unsuccessful improvement with an ordinary scroll, items of B and A grade are converted to Gemstones, which can be exchanged from the blacksmith for weapons of the appropriate grade or used to create the Blessed Scrolls of Enchantment.


Please take into consideration that in the chronicles of Classic 2.0 in the game, there are no SA effects for weapons. However, weapons can be strengthened with the help of special Runes, which can be purchased for Adena from a blacksmith.  More information about the Runes can be found here.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Epic Jewelry

  • Epic jewelry is available for purchase in a special shop (Epic Trader) for Adena and Epic Stones, which can be obtained with a certain chance from the Defenders of the outposts of the enemy fraction, as well as for the killing enemy outposts.
  • In addition, players can get epic jewelry, participating in a daily campaign against the epic bosses, a more detailed description is proveded in the Epic Bosses part.
  • Some epic items can be upgraded: Ring of Baium, Ring of Queen Ant, Ring of Core, Earring of Orfen. Upgraded Epic Jewelry does not have a grade and can not be upgraded with Scrolls.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Cloaks

  • Players of each faction can purchase a Glorious Cloak for 3,000 Adena at the armor shop.  It is a personal item, so it can not be traded.
  • After completing a special task (more info in Events/Quests part), the Fire faction characters can upgrade their cloak to get Cloak of Darkness, and the characters from the Water faction to get the Cloak of Light. The upgraded cloak changes the appearance and has stronger characteristics.
cloak_light-gif.113069 clozk_darkness-gif.113070
  • Also a special cloak is available - Hero Cloak, which can only be worn by Grand Olympiad Heroes. You can get it from the Olympiad manager after the character has received the Hero status.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Belts

  • Belt allows you to increase the number of inventory slots, weight limit and increases the amount of HP/CP/MP.
  • When the Belt is worn, characters receive a CP/HP/MP regeneration bonus, as well as a bonus to the maximum CP/HP/MP values.
  • Players can upgrade their Belt to level 5 in the shop for Adena and a small amount of resources to increase the bonuses they receive.
  • As to Belts and their Bonuses - find more here.


image.php?di=4IU9.png Bracelets and Talismans

In a special shop (Epic Trader), players can purchase Bracelet of Duty for Adena, which will allow them to use Talismans to obtain additional characteristics. The game has a lot of Talismans with different bonuses, but it is worth highlighting 2 of them - Talisman of Insolence and Talisman of Baium.


  • Talisman of Insolence can be upgraded by increasing its characteristics.

You can purchase it in a special (Epic) shop and upgrade to level 6 with Knight's Epaulette, which are farmed by players on forts, and Raid Stone, which can be knocked out from Reid bosses in the game.

  • Talisman of Baium can only be obtained by killing Baium himself during daily campaigns against the epic bosses.

This talisman has only 1 level and can not be upgraded.

  • Other temporary talismans are available for a small number of Knight's Epaulette from the NPC Epic Trader.
  • The effect of two talismans wearing at the same time doesn't stack. 
  • When wearing Talisman of Insolence VI and Talisman of Baium, the character gains a special hand glow effect.
talis_baium-gif.113071 talis_insol-gif.113072


Bracelet of Duty also has the characteristics that players receive when putting on. With the help of resources, you can upgrade your Bracelet to level 5.  Starting from the 2nd level, the Bracelet gives its owner additional characteristics.


Find more about Talismans and Bracelet characteristics on our forum.




The Outposts are control points located in all locations of the game world.  Players can use their Outposts as a teleport to move to other outposts or to the capital of their faction.


Each of the outposts is reliably protected by a guard who reacts to representatives of the enemy faction and immediately attacks them.  When any faction begins to attack the enemy's Outpost, all players are notified about this in order to join the enemy's attack or defend the Union's outpost.




For killing Defenders, players with a certain probability can get an Epic Stone.  For the destruction of the enemy's Outpost, players receive an Adena and with some chance the Epic Stone.  The time of restoration of the Outpost is 5 minutes.  During this time, the faction, to which the destroyed Outpost belongs, can not teleport to it.




Town of each faction has its own castle.  Elven Village has Elven Castle, the Town of Oren - Oren Castle. Initially, both castles belong to their factions.


In a friendly castle zone, players have a bonus to getting Adena at a rate of 30% for killing representatives of the enemy faction, as well as a small bonus to their characteristics. If the faction captures the castle of the enemy town, then this town is taxed by 15% for the purchase and sale in trade shops.


The castle sieges are started one by one every day, once a day, and follows the following pattern: at 19:00 CEST, flags appear in the towns, with the help of which players who have reached level 76 can teleport to the siege zone.  To capture the castle you need to destroy 5 crystals that are located on the castle's territory and to cast the seal. Duration of seal casting skill - 3 minutes. Duration of the siege is 1 hour.


As a result of the siege, the faction or clan that the latter owns the castle at the time of the siege is victorious. For participation, each player receives at the end of the siege a nice bonus in the form of a certain amount of Adena.  The player who used the seal casting skill and captured the castle receives an additional bonus of 100 Adena.


If the castle was captured by a player who is a member of the clan, then the castle becomes the possession of this clan. If the castle was seized by a player without a clan, an auction is activated 15 minutes after the capture for the clans that can redeem the castle. The duration of the auction is 30 minutes.  The clan that made the highest bid wins.


When the clan owns the castle, it gets a certain number of points of clan reputation for every 30 minutes of keeping the castle.  For the killing of the castle guards, the characters with some chance can get Knight's Epaulettes and Elemental Stones, which are very valuable resources and are used to upgrade talismans and use special skills.




In the game there are 3 forts that are available for capture - Northern Fortress (1), Eastern Fortress (2) and Western Fortress (3).

Initially, all forts belong to the NPC. In the friendly fort zone, players have a bonus to getting an Adena of 30% for killing enemy players, as well as a small bonus to the characteristics. On the territory of the fort it is forbidden to use personal and factional portals.





The siege of the fort is as follows:


  • Siege can begin by killing one defender, but not earlier than 2 hours after the last capture.  After that players of both factions will be notified by announcements in the game chat, as well as by messages on the screen, about the need to attack or protect the fort.  During the siege, players are able to teleport to zone of defense.
  • After the siege begins, the attackers must destroy 2 crystals and the captain in order to have the opportunity to start casting the seal.
  • Duration of seal casting skill - 3 minutes.
  • The captain of the fort and the artifact for casting the seal are on the upper landing of the main building of the fort.
  • The reward for capturing the fort increases every 15 minutes, while the fort is in peace mode.  The maximum reward for all participants is 450 Adena.
  • After the capture the siege automatically ends and enemy players are teleported to their town.  The player who read the seal first gets an additional bonus of 100 Adena.


  • If the fort was captured by a player who is a member of a clan, the fort becomes the possession of this clan.
  • If the fort was captured by a player without a clan, an auction can be activated 15 minutes after the capture for clans that can redeem the fort . The duration of the auction is 30 minutes.  The clan that made the highest bid wins.
  • When a clan owns a fort, for every 30 minutes of retention the clan gets a certain number of points of clan reputation.


  • For killing the fort guards, characters with some chance can get Knight's Epaulettes and Elemental Stones, which are very valuable resources and are used to upgrade talismans and use special skills.



Throughout the game world there are raid bosses of different levels, which players can kill to receive rewards.  In order to make it easier for players to navigate, all the bosses are marked on the mini-map with special symbols  - image.php?di=UKUA.png

Raid bosses are located nearby the Outposts, so before their killing they will have to fight with representatives of the enemy faction for the right to seize valuable rewards.

For killing a boss players can recieve:

  • Adena
  • Weapon
  • Scrolls of Enchantment of armor/weapon
  • Raid Stones
  • Clan reputation points (if the last strike is made by a player in the clan)
  • Seals (items necessary to raise the level of the clan)


After Raid Boss' death, the he will appear in the game in 24 hours.  When he resurrects, all players will be notified by a special announcement in the game chat.

In addition to the usual bosses, the killing of who is allowed to both factions, there are faction bosses in the game.  For the Fire faction - Lilith, for the Water fraction - Anakim.  Both bosses are constantly moving and traveling about the territory of their faction.  Players can beat the boss only of the opposite faction.




  • The Olympiad duration is 1 week
  • The Olympiad will be launched from the server start.  
  • Anyone who wants can take part in it under the condition that he has got 2nd profession and is beyond level 55.
  • To participate in the Olympiad, no additional tasks are required to be completed.
  • Registration for the Olympiad is possible through NPC Olympiad Manager in any town from 19:00 to 22:40 CEST.
  • After teleporting to the arena, players are given 1 minute for preparation, which includes receiving of 5 buffs through the NPC that is in the room.
  • A character who has received the Hero status receives an additional 300 Olympiad points (6000 Battle Symbols), as well as the Hero Cloak and the ability to use the Hero Weapon.
  • In total, players who receive the Hero status receive Battle Symbols in ammount startin from 120 000.
  • Players who had conducted 10 battles and gained at least 1 victory will receive 10 points as a reward - 200 Battle Symbols.
  • At the end of the Olympiad period, each player gains a rank depending on the accumulated points. All participants of the Olympiad are divided into categories. Players' rating is general for all classes, so the Hero of his class will not necessarily be in the top 1% of the overall rating.
  • Battle Symbols can be used to purchase useful items from NPC Olympiad Manager shop.




In addition to daily events with epic bosses, there are standard TvT events on the server that are run every 30 minutes.

Among events, there are some interesting quests, which are available from the NPC Quest Manager and are quite useful for some players.

  • The repeated task "The CP is not superfluous"
  • One-time task for getting an accessory "Trinkets - is our life!"
  • A one-time task to receive an agathion "My little friend - flying around!"
  • A one-time task to upgrade the cloak "The Way to Blessing"




Fishing is an alternative way to farm resources and some items that can be purchased for fish, as well as for items that drop from the Boxes with Treasures.

When opening the Treasure Box, you can get Battle Scrolls with some chance, which, if upgraded with NPC Fishing Guildsman, can damage monsters, as well as the players of the enemy fraction. Some Scrolls can inflict damage on the area.

Fishing can be done in almost any of the available locations near the reservoirs. To start fishing, a fishing rod and bait are absolutely necessary, they can be purchased from NPC Fishing Guildsman. Also you should keep in mind that fishing takes place automatically until the character is killed, or until the bait or rod are finished. For each fish caught, a player receives a small amount of experience.




Useful information:


  • in the entire game world, except for MDT, the combat zone is active;
  • on the territory of MDT there is a peaceful zone where players can send and receive mail with attachments, and also trade with the opposite faction;
  • players of opposing factions can not stay in the same party;
  • MP potion restores 700 MP and has 7 seconds cooldown;
  • number of slots for positive skills (buffs) - 36 (24 - for normal skills, and 12 - for dances/songs);
  • duration of positive effects - 2 hours;
  • sale price of all items to the shop is 0 Adena;
  • price of item storage in warehouse - 1 Adena instead of 30;
  • price of sending letters by mail - 10 Adena;
  • positive effects that were removed with the help of the Cancel-type skills are restored after 30 seconds;
  • negative effects that are imposed on the character disappear after death (they remain only if the character is being resurrected with a Scroll or a Skill);
  • resurrection time after death by pressing the "Fixed" button - 5 seconds;
  • Gold Club Card - is a card that includes the Premium Buff/Rune of the Adena/Rune of Experience for 30 days;
  • subclasses are implemented on the server.


The latest version of the Glory World 2.0 Map



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On 6/7/2018 at 7:00 PM, Torchita said:



On 6/13/2018 at 12:33 PM, JohnBoy13 said:

Good luck averians, classic and gve will be a great combo even though I would suggest a third faction. 


Thanks, guys!

JohnBoy13, and what's your suggestion about the fird faction? Interesting to listen to your opinion

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6 hours ago, iRanive said:



Thanks, guys!

JohnBoy13, and what's your suggestion about the fird faction? Interesting to listen to your opinion

It's not a big deal, I just suggested to add a third faction so there can be more fonts to fight with and more competition. Btw elven castle =? Never heard of it. 

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