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[L2J] L2-Chaoslegion


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Dear players,

L2 ChaosLegion high rates Custom pvp server opens for you on 02 / MAY / 2018 19:00 GMT+3.
We are waiting for you all. For more information visit features section.
Join us and be best of the best. See you in game !


Server Rates
XP: 2000x
SP: 2000x
Adena: 2000x
DropA: 1x

Enchant Max Normal/Blessed: +30
Enchant Max Crystal: +36
Enchant Safe: +5
Simple Enchant Rates: 75%
Bessed Enchant Rates: 92%
Crystal Enchant Rates: 100%
Custom Items
Dynasty Armors
Apella Armors
Monster Weapon
Epic Wings
Basic Things
Client - Interlude.
Main town - Giran.
Castle crown witch stat.
Wedding system.
Max buff slot - 60.
Max SubClass - 3.
Spawn potection 30s.
RaidBoss 13.
Quake system.
Auto Vote Reward System.
Destroy SS/BSS.
Auto TvT,CTF Event.
Clan rep item (5000 rep).
Leave buff after death.

10 PvP- Hero aura.
Anti Heavy System.
Custom Items.
GM shop.
Duel systema.
Interlude skill (90%).
Sub classes without quest.
Nobless without quest.
Npc Buffer.
Buff time 9 hours.

Tvt: .jointvt and .leavetvt
Server NPC
GM Shop
Custom Shop
NPC Buffer
Name Changer
Augmenter/Skill Enchanter
RaidBoss Manager
Bug Reporter
PK Protector
And more...
Start - 18:00 (GMT +2)
End - 00:00 (GMT +2)
Olympiad system Every 1 Weeks (Full Working), Retail Olympiad


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    • the big issue is lighting is missing, volumetric lights (beast lighting) is completly gone so the maps look like shit. Look at tavern map, ground stone reflections and light ...  Also new clients have even more filter like lighting making everything smoother and nicer, they are constantly adding new functions to it. Porting a map will never look as good as original, see disron maps also, skys and so on...  even if you port to it god clients which most have upgraded engines, these functions are new...  Anyways, still trying to find someone who can correctly adapt maps to older god chronicles... but the price devmev and others are asking (400-500 euros for a map lol) makes this crazy, it s simpler to just get client compatibility with new protocol (free mobius even) and enjoy everything without the headakes, and months and months of trying to adapt just to find the engine has a bug that won t do some functions.... I am adapting things since...2012, it feels stupid trying to always find little doors, workarounds to adapt something, people work in unreal engine 5, and we don t even have the tools to edit this game... Gildor gave up also, making even porting new skins a real fucking headake...  L2 is dead, adapting is even more deader and definitly not worth spending thousands of euros lol. That does not mean i don t appreciate the genius/work devmev and nemes and others put into this, or maybe i am just poor, but i don t think l2 modding has a chance at all because of the above.  No one really shares their tools, and i get it, it s big profit... i guess i just feel like the end of the road.
    • I strongly advise against using the services of this gentleman. his mods still have some errors, the mods for order also do not work but for money he asks "do me a favor pls. im out of cash" when it comes to the service of his mods, I am ignored for MONTHS. I STRONGLY ADVISE TO DON"T USE OF ANY OF HIS SERVICES. More info soon in report section.
    • I have tried, but the problem is that the system does not open the client, I am using windows 10    @AlisaCodeDragon say :     I don't like how to clean themida. It is possible that someone in the forum has done it.
    • Stop open pride style server's!
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