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L2Destiny wts SH

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So im willing to sell the time that i've spent on the account, i can also give 4 more accs with bishop boxes for freya



-vesper caster +8 300w   passive wild magic

-vesper noble robe +6 set  PVP lvl  7/7/6/6/6, vorpal sigil +4

-vorpal earring +5, vesp ear+6, 2x vesp ring +6, b.freya +4,  oly earring + tokens for one more ear/ring 

-cloak of hero white,  shirt cp +4, belt clean +4

-250 fire stones to sell, 3.5kkk adena, plenty of various potions, 300gc


-hurri 24, aura 29, vortex 15 slug 15, robe+17, ap 15, the rest is lower enchant

-spirit cert and cele, also bishop 85 on sub for H.FREYa


Can solo SoA and do pvp's without problems


The amount of money can be low, i just dont want the char to get wasted.   skype  veluu91

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