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interlude [L2j] L2 Unique


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Lineage 2 Unique

Interlude 75x Mid-Rate-Pvp-Custom

Grand opening March 24, 2018 -

Time : 10:00 GMT+0



Greetings MxC Community.

           We would like to present our project java based but we also like to call it hybrid project. This project is very near to OFF servers, when we talk about stability. We've reworked everything from scratch and we have made so called L2HYBRID (combination from java and off files). Our team is made up from 5 people that worked together to bring it to an almost perfect stability and performance. There might be gaps in the project that we didn't covered, but we will try and do our best to provide best gameplay to our players.

Everything being said, please join us.


  • Experience (EXP) 75x
  • Skill Points (SP) 75x
  • Adena 50x
  • Spoil 1x
  • SealStones 15x 


  • Safe +4
  • Max Weapon: +21
  • Max Armor/Jewels: +11
  • Enchant Rate: ~Retail

Quests info:

Fates Whisper - Quest (Short Story)
Mimir's Elixir - Quest (Retail)
Path Of A Noblesse Possessor Of A Precious Soul - Quest (Retail)

Informations Skyfall x75

  • Server Platform: L2HYBRID
  • Interlude
  • Retail status 
  • Server Timezone: Time (0 GMT)  /servertime (show real time of dedicated in game)


  • Class Change
    • Lv20 - FREE
    • Lv40 - FREE
    • Lv76 - FREE
  • Olympiad Time - 2 Weeks Saturday and Sunday Fights with 18:00 untill 23:59 -0GMT.
  • Clan penalty  
    • No penalty is applied when you leave clan.
    • 10 days you have to wait before creating a new clan
    • 7 days it takes to dissolve a clan
  • Alliance penalty
    • 1 day before joining a new alliance when clan voluntarily leave an alliance
    • 1 day before joining a new alliance when clan was dismissed from an alliance
    • 1 day before accepting a new clan for alliance when clan was dismissed from an alliance
    • 1 day before creating a new alliance when dissolved an alliance
  • Auto learning skills
  • Offline shop with radius to organize town, special item needed, sold by Misc Shop, can be found also in Vote Shop.
  • Auto Loot Skill - Toggle - turn on/off experience for mobs.
  • Anti Grief - Toggle - Buff protection.
  • Mana Potion ~ 200MP.
  • Teleportation free for all Towns.
  • Epic Bosses: Chaotic Zones
  • Unique Augmentation System
    • Level 1
      • Chance Skill - Unique Ability: Soul Bleeding
    • Level 2
      • Chance Skill - Unique Ability: Soul Bleeding
      • Chance Skill - Unique Ability: Heart Rythm
    • Level 3
      • Chance Skill - Unique Ability: Soul Bleeding
      • Chance Skill - Unique Ability: Heart Rythm
      • Chance Skill - Unique Ability: Unconscious mind
  • All Unique mobs drop Lifestones Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3.
  • Automatic Donation shop account panel.


  • 24+4 slots (Divine Inspiration) (Learning with Divine Inspiration);
  • Npc Buffs - FREE - 1H
    • Scheme buffs - Random Price - Level dependant/buff
  • Aio Buffs - 2H
  • Players buffs - Retail Time
  • Summons buffs - Retail Time

Sub Class:
Quest Short Story - 

  • Fate's Whisper
    • Save the Soul of Reiria
      • Slay - Messenger Cabrio
    • Infernium Scepter
      • Slay - Death Lord Hallate
      • Slay - Kernon
      • Slay - Longhorn Golkonda
    • B-Grade Crystal
      • Bring 984 Crystals: B-Grade
    • Equipment to be used as an offering
      • Bring only one B-grade Weapon from below list
        • Sword of Damascus
        • Samurai Dual-Sword
        • Bow of Peril
        • Lance
        • Art of Battle Axe
        • Staff of Evil Spirits
        • Demon Dagger
        • Bellion Cestus
        • Deadman's Glory
        • Guardian Sword
        • Wizard's Tear
        • Star Buster
        • Kaim Vanul's Bones
    • Select the weapon you want to get as reward from the list Reorin gives you.
  • Mimir's Elixir - Retail


  • Quest Retail - Noblesse

Armos & Weapons

  • S-Grade SA Weapons - Primeval Island (Fighters) / Monastery of Silence Deep(Mages) drop
  • Unique Armors & Weapons - Primeval Island (Fighters) / Monastery of Silence Deep(Mages) drop
  • Platinum Armors - Platinum Bosses and Epic Bosses drop.

Check account panel for bosses statuses.

Game Shops

  • Misc Shop
    • Misc Items
    • Clan items
    • Quest Items
    • Echant Scrolls
    • Greater Dyes
    • Adena Token Exchange
  • Goodies Shop
    • Echo Crystals
    • Hair Style
    • Exchange AA
  • Armor Shop
    • C-Grade to S-Grade
  • Weapon Shop
    • C-Grade to S-Grade
  • Weapons SA Merchant
    • C-Grade to S-Grade
  • Jewles Shop
    • C-Grade to S-Grade
  • Armors Unsealer Shop
    • B-Grade to S-Grade

Raid Bosses

Epic's Level up to 87
Only Epic Bosses drop epic jewels.
Chaotic Zones: Epic Bosses Zones

Unique Vip Status

Info : Every midnight VIP's receive Random VCP - Level Dependant - (Vip Chat Points)

  • VIP's got their unique chat system
  • VIP's don't pay for scheme buffs
  • VIP's have increased enchant success rate (retail rate + 5%)
  • VIP's XP/SP rates are slightly increased.
  • VIP's Adena/Drop/Spoil rates are increased on solo farm.
  • VIP's get rewarded with some unique masks. (DEX+1, STR+1, WIT+1 or CON+1)


Anti DDOS Protection
Ant Bot: Smart Guard


  • /looton - turn on experience from mobs.
  • /lootoff - turn off experience from mobs.
  • /repair - fix the selected character from your account list.
  • /home - Escape: Gludin Village aka Shopping Area
  • /pi - Escape: Primeval Island
  • /mos - Escape: Monastery of Silence Deep

Seven Sings:

  • Seven Sings with npc in town - retail.
  • Mammon Spawn - retail.


Email: support@lineage2unique.com

Website: www.lineage2unique.com
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/E8eJ6ww/
Forum: https://forum.lineage2unique.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2unique/

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