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Recruting experienced players !


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Hello community !


We are a group of friends that played together on many servers and now we want to join on L2Damage.com at the opening on the 29th of December.

Depending on the number  of players we manage to gather,i will decide if we will make our own clan or if we join other clan as a CP.

To make a better opinion about us,take some time to view our clan videos from previous seasons of L2Damage on our channel :  https://www.youtube.com/user/pqTeSTpq


Few things that we are looking for from you guys :

 1) Basic assisting/positioning knowledge .

 2) Headphones + Microphone ON for Teamspeak 3 .

 3) Having the posibility of donating ( we will play archers setup,since all of us will donate and without auguments archers hit low damage )

 4) We will speak English language in PvP , since we are from different countries


At this moment , i am looking for people who master the cardinal/archer/warlord classes.Feel free to contact me at Skype adress : pi2de.2010 if you have questions or if you want to find out more informations about us.

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