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interlude Item (count) split equal to all party members



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Actually your question is the answer. You can check how the 'adena' seperate to party members.

  • You have to check if the party is random (optional)
  • Then check if the item count > 1 so the split can start
  • Then make a list with all party members (if the party exists)
  • Then you have to do a loop by giving the item to party members based on item count.

(for example if the item count is 10 and your party have 6 members you have to run a loop 10 times to each player and when the 6th player get the item then start again from the 1st pt member until 4th).

Ofc if the count is large you mustn't do this , you have to create your own count to each player like  int count = item / partyMembers.size(); and do the loop smaller


You can check distributeAdena method in Party.java (if you are using aCis)

finally you have to add your custom method before default loot by checking the item? monster? idk

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