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interlude [L2J] L2Oreo


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Hello Folks welcome on my topic, i would like to present you my server , that will be available for you on

                           -Friday 10.03.2017 17:00 -


Our server's features:






  • GM Shop ( What ever you need is there, only 1 shop)
  • Gatekeeper (Farmzones,Partyzones,Noble Zone,Pvp Zone and Custom Bosses)
  • Augmenter (25% chance on Top-grade lifestones,which can be found by vote  coins or raid)
  • Symbol Maker
  • Custom Buffer with all buffs every character needs.
  • Top Pvp/Pk/Clan manager
  • Vote Manager (in order to vote online for our server and get a reward!)
  • Wedding Manager
  • Raid Boss Manager (In order to see the availability of every custom boss)​
  • Subclass manager ( Now you can add every single subclass , no matter what race you are ! ;) )


  • Fighter Tattoos from level 1 to level 3
  • Farm and obtain our Oreo armor with farm coins and get ready for the party zones (Custom Monsters in a nice big area ready to fight you and your friends!custom drop aswell, such us recipes and coins for our Ixion armor)
  • Noblesse by killing Barakiel in a custom nice area , respawn every 5h
  • Tyrannosaurus in our Party zone in order to obtain lifestones and many other which can you see ingame.
  • Custom PvP Area with revive function for everyone
  • High stats , and reworked skills for all classes!

​Custom Items

  • Farm Coins
  • Vote Coins
  • Oreo Armor
  • Ixion Armor
  • Icarus Weapons
  • Valakas Weapons
  • Tattoos
  • S-grade jewels
  • Crystal scrolls


  • Safe +5
  • max +20​
  • max with crystal scrolls +26


​Enchant Rates

  • Normal Scroll: 80%
  • Blessed Scroll: 100% (until +20)
  • Crystall Scroll: 100%( from 20 to +26)


Thanks for reading my topic, hope you like my features! I bought already my domain  http://l2oreo.com

i am waiting approval from topzone/hopzone etc.

and i've already have a dedicated server from germany!

Leave a comment below , peace !





2zzqmb6.pngPS: Add me on skype, i need testers for  the server until tuesday!Thanks! Skype= kenan.nazim

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