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H5 Or Freya

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Hello guys my problem is that I can't work with the latest release of L2J HF that is the master branch.

What I mean is I can't convert some codes from this forum to the project and I can't transfer my npcs from my old pack (that was pre-compiled [old H5 ver of 2012]

Why I can't transfer my npcs? Because with the latest changes they made npcs run inside some java files and not from the database that I was used to work.

Not only those two are my problem but inside eclipse with the H5 pack I can't see on my code if I made mistakes, this happens only with this project when I use older packs eclipse can read the java files without any problem.



So I guess I'll download the freya client and start with it from the start because the files are similar like my old H5 pack and I think I can transfer all my work I had done and add the custom codes I want and doing all this to make it happen.


If you have a different opinion I would love to hear it (or see it)


Thanks for your time by reading this, have a nice day ^-^  

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In this thread you can find some answer perhaps. 




I have the same issue than you, but at least I'm working on fix it. I want H5 P5 as my new chronicle on the server.



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