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Char Feoh Archmage 99/95/80/80 Eu Core


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Hello, I am Selling Feoh Archmage Male ,more Info :


Char Info


Main Class : Feoh Arch 99 lvl 11%


Dual Class  : Aeore Cardinal 96 lvl 35%


1st Sub : WarCryer 80 lvl


2nd Sub : SPH 80 lvl



Noble Status





Premium Account : 8 Days remain

Talisman - Anihilation

Agathion Anakim : 15 Days remain

x3 Dyes LVL 5 INT

10 AP points

x4 +6 Skills

Brooch x5 slot : Emerald lvl 1 , Cats lvl 1, Diamond lvl 1

Paulinas Twilight R grade Set + weapon + Jewels for 22 days remain 

Paulinas Dynasty S Grade Sets + Weapons + Jewels

Color Title 

Hellbound Quest Items : 3.200



For more info add me on Skype : seavenseas008 


Or send me message here.


Accept PayPal only ( Friends and Family option ) or Adena , Items In Game.


Image from Char : https://postimg.org/image/pzyqwqf85/

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