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Account Tank 102/iss 101 L2 Core 4Game

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I will update the post daily always when there are news. I am reachable anytime through PM, Mail or skype so we can speak. I give the option to proceed with the delivery of the items through 'share screen' mode so you can see the items has been sent.




Sigel Evas Templar LvL 102 UDS & Aura +10 // Dual Class Iss Hierophant 101 with POM and all skills learnt (bonus lvl 100 Sayha seer / 97 healer) // This character is sold naked // I can show the character through Skype Shared screen


Physical reflect Shirt +10

Brooches LVL 3 including Ruby

+15CON tattoo

iss = +15 LUC




For more info and contact:


The payment method that I accept is by paypal. Method: Money to friends or family. 
If you want to contact me, you can send a message in the forum, send an email or add me to skype. pgomeznathan@gmail.com
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Scammer, pretending to send 'payments' when what he is doing is ASKING for a BILL:






https://i.gyazo.com/986147f6e60d9c262d7af1b3ba3c48b1.png  <- His Skype

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Hello and welcome to MxC community.

Use this topic mate in order to get him banned.



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Another scammer reported. Solopov Andrei. 


Pretending to do secure payment but sending a bill instead



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