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L][Matrix Interlude PvP Custom Server Online

Grand Opening 20/01/2017 GMT2 18:00

Xp 1200x.
Sp 1200x.
Adena (custom) 1x.
Dropas (custom) 1x.
PartyXp 1x.
PartySp 1x.
Starting level 80lvl.

Enchant rates:
Safe Enchant : +3
Max Enchant : +21
Blessed - 100%
Normal - 75%

Custom Weapons (Like L2Gold and Forever)
Custom Armors Apella Amor
Custom Tattoos
Custom Zones
Custom Rebirth Manager
Custom Nobless Manager
Custom Buffer Full buffs
Custom Class skills
Custom TvT Event zones
Custom RB zones with teleporter
Custom Sub Class
Period 7 days.
Every day at 18:00 GMT+2

- Top Life Stones Rate : 25%
- High Life Stones Rate : 15%r
- Mid Life Stones Rate : 10%

Low International ping
CPU : Intel Xeon E3
2x 160GB SSD
1Gbps Connection
DDos Protected

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