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interlude [L2J]L2 Dethecus


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Welcome to L2 Dethecus


L2 Dethecus is a very unique server and has another gameplay style.



Rates: x75 

Gold rate: x10

Drop rate: x2

Raid rate : x1


Dethecus is based on faction wars , so we the races are like that:


Horde: Dark elf , Male dwarf , Orc 

Alliance: Human, Female Dwarf , Elf


Dethecus is a typical retail server , no crafting though.


Auto learn skills 

Augments possible 

Buy/Sell and generally every lineage2 feature is included


Factions got their bases but you can run around in L2 towns and meet enemys too on peacefull zones.. You can only hit them outside towns


Karma is removed , flag is removed and you cannot hit your faction. You cannot buff enemy faction , you cannot heal enemy faction.


Bosses can be healed from both faction so the pvp will mater.


Custom items:

We have added 3 sets (+3 pvp sets) 

Tier 1: Bloodfang Armor - Weapons 

Tier 2: Vestment of Faith Armor - Weapons

Tier 3: Absolute Regalia Armor - Weapons


Those tiers has PVE and PvP sets that you can obtain with honorable points + Some boss items for the pvp sets


Captureable bases pvp zone :


There will be a map change every x hours that high end gear people can pvp all day long them by capturing bases ... several bosses will spawn on maps dropping cool stuff and at the end winning team gets some cool extractable items


Grandbosses will have new names / Drops 

So epic jewls will remain the same but with new Names/Icons


thats all for now.. The topic will be reshaped when we finish everything but these are pretty much the features we own now..

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You think l2 is wow ? or are you crazy ?


do you still live on 2005 or what? we are on 2016 l2 has changed to star wars so where is your problem?


btw i liked the features wish you gl!

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