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Wts Adena/pwlvl/items On Lineage.ru/l2Eu.com Lionna X7 Interlude


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WTS Adena on lineage.ru x7/l2eu.com

Price 50kk=1 EUR


WTS Weapons:


 weapon_arcana_mace_i00_0.png Arcana Mace CLEAR - 25 EUR

weapon_draconic_bow_i00_0.png Draconic Bow CLEAR - 25 EUR

weapon_angel_slayer_i00_0.png Angel Slayer CLEAR - 25 EUR

weapon_heavens_divider_i00_0.png Heavens Divider CLEAR - 25 EUR

weapon_saint_spear_i00_0.png Saint Spear CLEAR - 25 EUR

weapon_basalt_battlehammer_i00_0.png Basalt Battlehummer CLEAR - 25 EUR


Feel free to ask me about another A-S grade weapons.


Wts A grade FULL sets:

armor_t77_ul_i00_0.png Tallum Heavy Set - 8 EUR

armor_t76_ul_i00_0.png Dark Crystal Mage Set - 8 EUR

armor_t84_ul_i00_0.png Majestic Leather Armor Set - 10 EUR


Feel free to ask me about another A grade sets.



WTS FAST EXP 1-80! Negotiated price!



Paypal, Qiwi, Webmoney, Skrill, MasterCard payment


Trusted seller, a lot of response in my previous topics :not bad:

Skype: maaadik

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