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[GUIDE] How to Install Custom CS Maps


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Hello dudes! In this guide I will explaing you how to install your custom maps in your CS Folder


First unzip whatever mappack or map zip you got. Now depending how the Mapper packaged the zip, you have to put the files into different places.


The file types:


bsp - the map itself

wad - texture pack (most maps dont have one, but embed textures into bsp.

txt - map description

tga - optional sky textures

mdl - optional models

wav - optional sounds


Scenario 1: Zip contains a "cstrike" folder:


Easy, just copy that cstrike folder into your "Half-life" or if you have the retail version - "Counter-Strike" directory. Your done!



Scenario 2: Zip contains folders: "maps", "sounds", etc


Copy all these folders into your "cstrike" directory (inside Sierra/Half-life or if you have the retail version - Sierra/Counter-Strike directory.


Scenario 3: Zip contains just files - no folders.


Copy each type of file to specified folder within your "cstrike" directory:


bsp -> maps

wad -> leave this in cstrike directory

tga -> should be 6 of these if there is a custom sky, -> gfx/env/

wav -> sounds

mdl -> models

pwf -> PODbot

pxp ->PODbot


Consult the included readme for any other types.


Any other folders included in zip, put in cstrike directory.


All done!


PS: If you have questions feel free to reply below


PS3: Leave your comment

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Some maps also have overview files.

Ending: .bmp


There are also .txt files for the overviews - so the cs could know where the position of the spectator is, when he is looking over the map.They belong to the folder "cstrike/overviews"


Furthermore there are other file types which belong to maps:


.res - Resource file for the cs servers - needed if there are more files than .bsp and .txt (only for servers)

Folder: cstrike/maps

.spr - Sprite Files - pictures (often in motion) (e.g. youre Smoke)

Folder: cstrike/sprites

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