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WTS Wts Gw2 Account

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Hey guys,


I wanna sell my GW2 Account.


GW2 Dev Edition without hot , acc has 1 human female warr not maxed lvl char with 2 costumes and many 2hnd sword skins , i just used this acc to log on prepatches and do my job and test things bcoz i was part of GFX Devs on Arena Network , account was created deluxe edition but it has some perma benefits that normal accounts cant have.


Price is set to 30 euros

I am willing to go first if you have positive feedback.Else we gotta use a middleman but you have to pay the fee.
Pm here in maxcheaters site for more infos or your skype so i can add you if you are interested.

Thank you in advance.

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    • By Evil_skelth
      ADENA 1KK = 1.5 euro
      PWLVL (1-76 lvls) - LOOK LINK
      if u have questions
      my skype artem.pogosyan.32
      or pm me on forum.
    • By l2-scripts
      Dear friends,
      New server side is finally here, take a look at it: L2s-Guard Documentation
      We offer a 7 days free license for existing servers that want to test our protection in real life condition prior launching it on live servers.
      OUR KEY CLIENT: - Completely protected from Adrenalin several months! (Helios)
      OUR KEY CLIENT: - Completely protected from Adrenalin several months! (Classic 1.5)
      OUR KEY CLIENT: Completely protected from Adrenalin several months!(HF5) (to be oppened)
      OUR KEY CLIENT: - Completely protected from Adrenalin several months!  (Interlude)
      We glad to announce that our lineage 2 protection system has been fully tested and ready to distribute.
      Here are some key features of the protection:
      -Global update distribution network.To ensure fast and reliable updates. Introducing server side auto update system - get our updates instantly without any effort and for free!
      -A special method of traffic encryption. Using own technology the encryption does not affect the delay(ping) and ensures reliable data transmission server-to-client client-server.
      -Hardware-level -integration to detect keystroke and mouse injections to prevent all clicker bots at the source instead of individually detecting them.
      -NEW Hwid Module, which allow the administrator to restrict access to the game in part or full. This part of completely reworked. Our NEW HWID is completely different from the ones anybody provides in l2, which increase the security of your accounts and bans.
      -Easy installation server and client side. Help with installation - free.
      -Any login port is provided by client request for free.
      -Technical support working 15 hours a day and seven days a week from 9:00-00:00 local time (on weekends from 11:00-21:00/free schedule). English support is available around the clock.
      -License and updates are issued for 12 months with free updates!
      -We are AD FREE  NO logos or any word what protection you are using! (if you do want our logo you may paste the .dll manually).
      -We can hide your identity and your project will never be listed as L2SGuard customer (some prefer to stay incognito, it helps them to protect from actively developed bots).
      Our key feature when developing the SGuard was to give the same quality service and pricing to people worldwide using various chronicles not matter what language they speak or pack they are using. 
      NEW Modules Price Table   =  
      -0$/5 days! No obligations!*
      -125$/3 months! You can add the difference within 1 month to extend it to 1 year!
      -200$/year(12 months)! (We won't disconnect you after your license is expired!) - Best offer!
      *limited 1 time per customer. custom, outstanding, obfuscated and pts packs are excluded from the promo.
      -Plans above are permanent!
      -Partner promos won't apply for 3 months licenses.
      -Does not apply for certain chronicles and some PTS servers.
      -Updates and support are FREE for the whole subscription period!
      -When purchasing the annual(yearly) plan, you are getting for a lifetime all features, we won't disconnect you after the license is expired!
      -Save more than 50% when purchasing the annual plan comparing to competitors!
      Main L2s-Guard module:
      - Bot protection
      - Packet hack protection
      - Traffic encryption
      - Clickers protection
      - File protection (similar to CRC, but newer technology) for free!
      - Free updates (client and server)
      - Free Tech. Support
      - 1 IP change in a year is free of charge!
      - Most of sub services are free is asked not often than once in 3 months.
      - After your license ends, we won't turn the protection off (except promotional licenses). You will be able to use it even if your license end, but won't receive updates.
      We encourage our clients to extend the license to help us evolve and continue giving a great service worldwide and provide the lowest cost possible.
      Additional Modules
      - DNS(Domain) for your server to change the IP anytime you decide or protect yourself from DDoS using proxies ; reduce ping latency.
      - Login server address change.
      - Transfer protection files to person.
      - Integrated Unicode chats using our protection. Thai, Arabic, Vn etc. just name it. (price varies)
      - Custom launcher code to your server that will run the game through l2.bin and not from l2.exe covered by our protection!
      - Up to 300 lobbies - up to 10 pieces in 1 pack.
      --Main features:
      ---All chronicles are supported and each chronicle has different lobbies that you can choose for you.
      ---All lobbies are loaded in random. Each client launch will show a different lobby.
      ---No lobby limits, you can insert any amount of them.
      ---Integrated into our guard - so every patch approved by us will work.
      ---Most lobbies are animated.
      ---NO PATCH ADD-ON, even if you choose 200 of them all your patch weight will remain the same.
      ---Cheap & cool thing to make your server more private. We can make custom lobbies that aren't posted in our collection for additional price, we can add NPCs as well for additional price by custom order.
      Helios examples:
      Video ; Screens
      Preview bellow
      ---Damage on screen system: click
      All* additional modules are 1 time payment (that means you don't have to pay for them or extend them) and cost 50 USD.
      We have only 1 standard option, it costs 200 USD one time payment (any chronicle and any pack), and 0 USD per month for updates & technical support for 12 months! In addition we will help you with protection installation if you need it for free!
      We accept Paypal!
      Supported Lineage 2 Java Packages:
      -Scions of Destiny
      -Gracia Final
      -Gracia Epilogue
      -High Five
      -Glory Days
      -Infinite Odyssey
      -L2Classic 1.0,1.5,2.0, 2.5.
      -Grand Crusade
      Supported PTS packages:
      -C6 (interlude)
      -vanganth (Gracia Final, Interlude, High Five) 
      -other private PTS packs
      -Indicates that those chronicles are supported and at least 1 live server was ran on our platform.
      Also, our protection will work (or we will make it work) with your custom client features (for example integrated chats, new packets, external visual effect etc.)
      For more information you can always contact l2-scripts managers:

      (You can write here in your native language even if it's not English!)
      Please visit our website to learn more about our protection & terms of usage:
      *PTS packs are currently supported but not all of them, if you want to be supported, please, contact us. (price stays the same).
      **New chronicles will be adapted without any additional fee.
      ***Prices are not subject to change by regional location, package origin or language spoken!
      We try to keep up with competitors and do the maximum work for the minimum amount of time, working almost 24/7 and protecting your server as its own.
      PM me and enjoy quality combined with great service!
    • By B0MB
      WTS Adena and items in L2 Core EU
      WTS Pvp robe set+8 (circlet blessed)
      Pve robe set+8
      Pvp robe set+10
      Abudance 1
      Abudance 3
      7s talisman
      Bless antharas
      Bless valakas
      Baium soul
      AQ soul
      Sapphire 5
      Pearl 6
      Blue cat 4
      Blessed retri +12
      Pvp retri +12
      Stock - 52B
      payment methods - paypal,skrill and many others!
      Skype  - coinsbomb
    • By B0MB
      WTS Adena/Items/RuRs/Pwlvl/Acc RPG x7 NEW
      prices and other things at skype - coinsbomb
    • By B0MB
      Hello.  WTS Adena/Items Gamecoast x10 Helheim
      Adena 1B-6.5E
      Stock - 100b++
      skype coinsbomb
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    • Edit it for ConcurrentHashMap and drop the synchronize block.
    • Hello.   WTS Adena/Items/RuRs/Pwlvl/Acc RPG x7 NEW   prices and other things at skype - coinsbomb
    • Hello I am adapting AntiFeed Manager for now but I have these errors. how would it be in place of these imports?   import; import gnu.trove.procedure.TObjectProcedure; private Map<Integer,Long> _lastDeathTimes;private TIntObjectHashMap<Map<Integer, Connections>> _eventIPs;     /**      * If number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address lower than max      * then increment connection count and return true.      * Returns false if number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address      * higher than max.      * @param eventId      * @param player      * @param max      * @return      */     public final boolean tryAddPlayer(int eventId, L2PcInstance player, int max)     {         return tryAddClient(eventId, player.getClient(), max);     }     /**      * If number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address lower than max      * then increment connection count and return true.      * Returns false if number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address      * higher than max.      * @param eventId      * @param player      * @param max      * @return      */     public final boolean tryAddClient(int eventId, L2GameClient client, int max)     {         if (client == null)             return false; // unable to determine IP address         final Map<Integer, Connections> event = _eventIPs.get(eventId);         if (event == null)             return false; // no such event registered         final Integer addrHash = Integer.valueOf(client.getConnectionAddress().hashCode());         int limit = Config.DUALBOX_CHECK_WHITELIST.get(addrHash);         limit = limit < 0 ? Integer.MAX_VALUE : limit + max;         Connections conns;         synchronized (event)         {             conns = event.get(addrHash);             if (conns == null)             {                 conns = new Connections();                 event.put(addrHash, conns);             }         }         return conns.testAndIncrement(limit);     }  
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