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  1. Hello all, I am gonna leave l2 damage and I am gonna sell my items on this server (you can buy whole char too, cause of the augs it has) Features: Main Class:Duelist Subclass:Saggi Dual blades +20 (Passive Might) Dragonic Bow +20 (Duel might passive) I got actives Empower-Duel might-Might I got dragonic set +20/Imperial set +20/RB Jewels +20 set and Damage tattoo +20 Char also has 6 donator coins and also 3.680.000 adenas(Which you can trade for donator coins so u can change name etc..) Char has 520 pvp's.. Before I am not trusted and In need of selling those items or the whole char I am willing to go first if you are trusted member( with +rep ) Pm me here if you are interested so we can talk further and give you proofs about what i wrote. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, I wanna sell my GW2 Account. Account: GW2 Dev Edition without hot , acc has 1 human female warr not maxed lvl char with 2 costumes and many 2hnd sword skins , i just used this acc to log on prepatches and do my job and test things bcoz i was part of GFX Devs on Arena Network , account was created deluxe edition but it has some perma benefits that normal accounts cant have. Price is set to 30 euros I am willing to go first if you have positive feedback.Else we gotta use a middleman but you have to pay the fee. Pm here in maxcheaters site for more infos or your skype so i can add you if you are interested. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hey all, My friend needs a guy to balance the stats armor-weapon,There is 8 type of armors,like l2pride,and 5 type of weapons which needs to be fixed. 10 euro payment via bank(Greek). Pm me here or add me on skype pano79@hotmail.com who wants to help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to ask you if somebody has l2pride gracia final pack(I dont need to open a server online etc.just for home fun). There is one shared but the gameserver-db links are dead and i can download only the source.. If anybody have it and wanna share it again with me,please pm me..Looking for this so much time.. Thank you in advance and I'm sorry if I am in wrong section...
  5. I got the source,i changed the datapack.still nothing.
  6. Hey guys, I got 2 problems..First of all,i have given the right access level to my char to have the admin privs and when i write //admin it says:The command admin does not exist! Second:It casts everyskill but nothing happens..For example lets say i use dash.It says:Skill not implemented.Skill ID:4 BUFF
  7. I just did what you said..Opened with notepad and saved it .bat but when i open it it instantly closes..
  8. Hey guys, Gameserver and loginserver are files .launch..How can i make them run normally? Here is a pic Thank you in advance!
  9. Just bought from this guy.100% trusted and really fast services! Keep up the good work! :)
  10. Well i dont know how to make a site,i dont care if you gonna use free template or a bought template..I want an l2 looking site..Nothing more.I think 10 euros for 30 minutes job is fine.
  11. I dont know the prices and i dont need the best site..i just need an l2 looking site.
  12. Hello all, I dont know if i am in wrong section,if i am i am sorry about that.. I need an experienced guy to make me an l2 site.Nothing special..Just normal things..Templates backgrounds vote system for topzone-hopzone and ofc download link etc.pm me here or add me on skype pano79@hotmail.com. I pay via paypal 10 euros. Thanks in advance.
  13. My friend closes the server from admin panel.. L2j Frozen.. For example I farm 50 silver.If we close the server and we open again,i wont have silver...