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Pay To Play Vs Free To Play

L2 Playstyle  

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  1. 1. Pay to Play VS Free to play

    • P2P (Pay to Play)
    • F2P (Free to Play)

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Yo people,



im Lineage addicted since 2004. Had couple of servers run by me and friends aswell. So these days its hard to find a good private server where your able to play your favorite chronicle. Most servers shut down fast, or have shitty files or other problems like corruption and mafia style money making. 


Pay 2 play was the better option when we used to run to the stores to buy the timecode for the next month for our 12 accounts hrhrhrhr


What you think ? I mean i rather pay 12 dollar a month than choosing new server every couple of month.



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No1 will pay to play on ur UNIQIE server. Dude, that's crazy: about 10+ free servers opening every day, and you want players to pay you?

To be honest, I've never read such stupid idea for private servers.


Anyway, good luck.


Best regards,


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I have actually :D If you remember the old l2 toxic? When they opened it b4 like half a year maybe (not sure cuz i think they wiped it) they were taking donations so they can open it, then took donation from the server itself donation section xD But guess this is another thing since l2 toxic IS private project which isn't created with shared contents

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Garbage that you have to pay for is just expensive garbage. Paying for things won't make them better, owners investing into things does.


L2 is dead on western market because NCSoft is catering to the asian market, and leading an intensive profit focused development on an otherwise archaic game (concept, game mechanics, etc). 

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