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high five [L2J] L2Global


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Rates :


Exp: 1000x


Sp: 1000x


Party Xp: x2


Party Sp: x2


Adena: 1000x


Drop: 10x



Enchants : 


Safe Enchant: +6


Divine Enchant +16 


Ancient Enchant: +20


Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 70% Limit +16


Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 90% Limit +16


Divine Scroll Enchant Chance: 100% Limit +16


Ancient Scroll Enchant Chance: 50% Limit +20



Features : 


Antibot/AntiCheat/Anti DDoS etc.


GM shop with all items available including epic jewels.


Main currency's - Adena + Festival Adena.


Scheme Buffer And Preset maxed +15/30 buffs.


Dedicated 32+4 slots for Buffs and 16 dances/songs.


Buffs duration is 4 hours.


Max subclass: 10.


Free Certifications for main and subclasses to have your subclasses strong as main class.


Personal Vote Reward with random rewards such as - divine scrolls,festival adenas,vote coins, and more!


Massive vote reward system where you can catch more vote coins for voting.


{PvP} items can be augmented,enchanted,attributed .


Hero weapons can be augmented,enchanted,attributed .


VIP augment system which can provide you augments such as: STR+1+Passive PvP p attack / INT+1 +Wild Magic etc.


All augments are reworked to match as PvP server. Info can be found at VIP augments tab in Service Manager


Augmented items can be traded/mailed.


Unique PvP event hosted every 2 hours. The top killer is granted with hero status for the next 2 hours + 1 TopKiller currency reward.


Unique TvT zone. PvP area in which Blue team fights against Red team. Balance teams system included.


Asisstance rewards for support classes during PvP - Healers/Dominators


PvP colour system.


Heroes are chosen every week at sunday! 


HIWD protection and antifeed system helping you for fair matches, without 3v3 and class based matches.


Olympiads Limit: +6.


Territory war & Castle siege every weekend (Saturday/Sunday)


Ward limit: 3


Main events: (TvT, domination,mass domination, deathmatch, CTF).


Event buffer system.


Auto System for CP/HP/MP potions. You can toogle them ON/OFF anytime.


Dressme system with tones of choices including GoD textures.


Offline shop Enabled.


All grandbosses are available including tones of custom raidbosses.


Elements max lvl 7, stones and crystals chance 100%. Items are elemented to full with 1 click.


No custom overpowered items.


No donate for win!




Community : 


More than 15 hours per day active staff !

Active forums!




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