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Please Vote Which One You Are Going To Play The Most?

Choose the most you are going to play from lineage series below:  

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  1. 1. Which one to play?

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rakkay    0

Hi friends, i am playing this game alot since 2010 till now, I played from official to bunch of privete server. I am feeling need to break a while to play other chronical. But which one the most you play from above pole option. Please vote. I ll play with the most voted.

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    • By caio

      Hi, I'm here to introduce you to my project. Online Day 11 November - 14:00 GMT -3
      XP - SP - x200 | Premium Accounts x400
      Adena - x100 | Premium Accounts x200
      Drop Itens - x5 | Premium Accounts x10
      Seal Stones - x10
      Quest Experiencia (EXP) - x100
      Quest Skill Points (SP) - x100
      Quest Adena - x150
      Quest Drop Itens - x10
      Spoil - x5
      Weight Limit - x10

      D,C,B,A-Grade itens for ADENA
      S-Grade Itens Drop Part ou Craft
      Shield parry for Mystic
      Sacred Bonus ( Angels,Saints, Gods ) In Armor and Jewels
      Sacred Jewels Core and Orfen 
      Heavens Divider One Handed
      Dual Dragon Slayer * Dragon Slayer 
      Dual Dark Legion's * Dark Legion's 
      Sacred Dyes +5-2 

      Safe +4
      Max Armor/Jewelry +15
      Max Weapon +20
      Max. Enchant Normal Scroll - +15
      Max. Enchant Normal Blessed - +15
      Normal Scroll chance 50% for +15
      Blessed Scroll Armor chance 70% for +10
      Blessed Scroll Weapon chance 70% for +20
      Crystal Scroll Weapon Min +20 Max +25 for 90% Chance ( Fail Back +20 )
      Crystal Scroll Armor min +10 Max +15 for 90% Chance ( Fail Back para +10 )

      Official PTS Interlude no Custom Itens
      Frintezza / Sailren and all grand Bosses Running
      Unlimited Dual Box
      Off-Trade: Your Store stays ingame without being online.
      Subclass without quest
      Lock exp gain with commands xpoff & xpon in .menu 
      Disabled all clan penalties 
      Sieges: Every Saturday and Sunday 
      The catacombs are open 24 / 7 
      Teleport and free buffs to Level 40 
      Blesseds enchants farm in custom areas
      Clanhall: new sales system
      Droplist Info Shift+Click 

       Farm Areas
      Acient Adena: Catacombs/Necropolis rate x8
      Medans and Fragments: All Mobs
      Adena/Blesseds: Aligator Sland +70%
      Drop/Craft S: Field of Silence 
      Drop/Craft S: Field of Winsper 

      Global Gatekeeper
      Npc BUFFER
      Npc Boss Status 
      Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Grocery Shop

      Barakiel with Nobles Status Awards for the party that gives the last hit 
      Barakiel Respawn 4h (Chaotic Zone)
      Ember Respawn 4h (Chaotic Zone)

      All Epic bosses Level 80+ 
      Valakas, antharas Spawn 48h 
      Baium,Zaken,Frintezza Spawn 36hs 
      Queen Ant, Core, Orfen Spawn 24h 
      Ketra's Hero Hekaton
      Varka's Hero Shadith
      Cherub Galaxia
      Palibati Queen Themis
      Longhorn Golkonda
      Shilens Messenger Cabrio
      Drops :
      Medals : 60% 100-250 
      Blessed Enchants Armor/Weapon A/S/B - (100-300)
      Ancient Adena - (14.000.000)
      Top Grade Stones - ( 10 - 15)

      Team Vs Team ( Top Killer wins Status Hero for 2 Hours )
      NPc Buffs Not Allowed at Event
      L2 Day Event where you change the letters by Scrolls of buffs to use in the events
      Party vs Party Every Day at 22:00 
      Raid Boss 
      And Others :) 

      Auto Clan Level
      Automatic Clan level awards based on online players
      Level 6 = 10 Players online
      Level 7 = 20 Players online
      Level 8 = 25 Players online

      Buff Slot 28 + 4 (Divine Inspiration in NPC )
      Pet Buffs no NPC
      Scheme Buffs no NPC
      Hot Springs e Noblesse a venda por medal no NPC 
      Buff tempo de 2 horas

      Period : 7 days, hero every Saturday 12:00
      Time of battles 16:00 for 23:59 GMT-3
      Max Enchant +6
      Class Based disabled
      Min 9 Matches to be Hero

      Server Commands
      .menu (xpon, xpoff, Autoloot)
      .deposit .withdraw - Converte 500.000.000 Adena em Gold Bars
      .whoiam ( Check all status )

      Anti Zerg
      Max 1 Clan for Ally
      No Royal's
      Maximo 40 Players for Clan

      Server Time - GMT -3
      SmartGuard Protection
      Geodata Ativado 
      Anti DDOS Protection
    • By erikson2
      New Quality Server 15x  H5 Beta Opened
      ---------- Grand Opening 24-11-2017 22:00 gmt -3 ----------
      Bugless Geodata & Skill Engine!
      Balanced Classes!
      High Quality Gameplay!
      For info contact them, at their facebook /
      Skype ---> donatel2devian
      ----------------- Features Rate Server -----------------
      Xp x15 Sp x15 Adena x15 Drop x15 Spoil x25 Rec/Keys x1
      Raid Boss x3 Fortes drop x5 Quest drop/reward x5/x1
      ----------------- Features  Server ---------------------
      Buff duration : 2 hours slots(24+12)
      GMShop : Grade S
      Gatekeeper Global
      Alt+B (Raid Teleport,Auction,Database)
      Safe scroll enchant : +4
      Max scroll enchant : +16
      Rate Scroll Enchants Normal : 55%
      Rate Scroll Enchant Blessed : 60%
      Element  Atributte Stone Rate : 40%
      Crystal Atributte Stone Rate 30%
      Seal Stone chance: x1
      Scroll S chance :x1
      Elent drop chance : x1
      Max Enchant Olympiad : +6
      Star Olympiad : 10:00 hours GMT-3 (18 hours duration)
      Heroes every day Sunday 12:00
      8 Auto PvP events
      System automatic rewards by number of votes for HopZone(hwid protection)
      System automatic reward  for game time (hwid protection)
      Event clan LEVEL 8 ( only need 15 members online)
      Dressme system
      Max user PC : 4
      Tournament event pvp
      System anti cheaters : SGuard
      System Premium Account : donation coin
      System Premium Account : 5 vote coin
      --------- Features  Server Rais Instances -------------
      Ultra Daytime Zaken 78-85 : Player min 9
      Nightly Zaken 55-65 :  Min player 18
      Zaken Daytime 55-65 : Min player 9
      Freya Normal 82-85 : Max 9
      Freya Hard 82-85 : Min : 12 max: 45
      Frintezza 82-85 : 9 Player max
      Beleth : 4 days
      Baylor : 1 day +-12
      Raid Core : 72 hours +- 15min(custon drop add 50-60 donation + 15-20 GCM)
      Raid Orfen : 48 hours +-15min (custon drop add 50-60 donation + 15-20 GCM)
      ------Features  Server Epic Raid ----------
      Ant queen Respawn :  24 hours +-15 min (Live Grand Opening)  
      Max level 45/Max 2 class
      Zone 1 player pc ( HWID PROTECCTION)
      only the second class change is allowed (2 change class max allowed)
      Baium Respawn : 5 days +- 1h (live 1-12-2017)
      Antharas Respawn : 6 days +-1h (2-12-2017)
      Valakas Respawn : 7 days +-1hour (3-12-2017)
      ----------- Command in Game -------------
      .report : report bots
      .getreward :  reward vote
      .cfg : panel control users
      .poll : system for surveys
       ----------- Other Features -------------
      Facebook live  streaming : contac  skype ( donationl2devian)
      TvWich live streaming : contac  skype ( donationl2devian)
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    • Edit it for ConcurrentHashMap and drop the synchronize block.
    • Hello.   WTS Adena/Items/RuRs/Pwlvl/Acc RPG x7 NEW   prices and other things at skype - coinsbomb
    • Hello I am adapting AntiFeed Manager for now but I have these errors. how would it be in place of these imports?   import; import gnu.trove.procedure.TObjectProcedure; private Map<Integer,Long> _lastDeathTimes;private TIntObjectHashMap<Map<Integer, Connections>> _eventIPs;     /**      * If number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address lower than max      * then increment connection count and return true.      * Returns false if number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address      * higher than max.      * @param eventId      * @param player      * @param max      * @return      */     public final boolean tryAddPlayer(int eventId, L2PcInstance player, int max)     {         return tryAddClient(eventId, player.getClient(), max);     }     /**      * If number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address lower than max      * then increment connection count and return true.      * Returns false if number of all simultaneous connections from player's IP address      * higher than max.      * @param eventId      * @param player      * @param max      * @return      */     public final boolean tryAddClient(int eventId, L2GameClient client, int max)     {         if (client == null)             return false; // unable to determine IP address         final Map<Integer, Connections> event = _eventIPs.get(eventId);         if (event == null)             return false; // no such event registered         final Integer addrHash = Integer.valueOf(client.getConnectionAddress().hashCode());         int limit = Config.DUALBOX_CHECK_WHITELIST.get(addrHash);         limit = limit < 0 ? Integer.MAX_VALUE : limit + max;         Connections conns;         synchronized (event)         {             conns = event.get(addrHash);             if (conns == null)             {                 conns = new Connections();                 event.put(addrHash, conns);             }         }         return conns.testAndIncrement(limit);     }  
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