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interlude [L2J] L2 Anime


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Server WebSite: http://l2anime.eu/


Server Rates


Experience: 500x

Skill Points: 5000x

Adena Drop: 3000x

Item Drop: 2x

Spoil: 1x


Enchant Rates


Safe Enchant: +3

Max Enchant: +15

Enchant Rate: 70%

Blessed Enchant Rate: 100% +10

Crystall Enchant Rate: 65% +15


Other Systems


Auto-Learn Skills

Clan System

Clan Hall System

Castle Siege System

No Grade Penalty

Olympiad System fully working like retail

Sub-Class System

Noblesse System

Noblesse Skills fully Working

Hero System

Hero Skills fully working

Duel System

Augmentation System

Augment Skills Stuck

Augmentation Skills Active And Passive fully Working

Retail-Like Enchant Skills System

Fishing System

Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 2 Hours

Spawn Protection 10 sec

Raid Bosses Respawned Daily

Class Changing System

.unstuck Command 10 seconds


Custom Features


Fully Gatekeeper

Shop selling everything you need 

Account manager NPC, repairs your char and changes your password(soon)

Clan Hall System

Castle Siege System

NPC Buffer contains Buffs, Dances, Songs and Chants

Special Raid Boss Informer

Custom PK Killers 

Custom PK Killers always spawned on leveling zone

Custom Farm Zones

Custom Leveling Zone

Custom name colors for top pvp players

Special settings to protect the server from corruption

.unstuck Command 10 seconds

Teleport protection from flagged players

Custom Anti-Buff Skill


Custom Events


TVT Event

CTF Event



Rusian Roulette

PC Bang


Server Machine


Intel Core2Quad 9550


147 GB WD Raptor HDDmit

10k rpm

250 GB Backupspace

1000 FPS Kernel

Gaming-Flat Gameserver

Machine located in Germany



Remember that L2Anime is managed by an active & experienced team.


Server WebSite: http://l2anime.eu/

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    • Korean Servers patched to pv 425(main, classic, essence).   NA servers are 418(main, classic, essence), and EU are 388(main) and 418(classic, essence)
    • Welcome to Mass GMB Scraping! Get Massive GMB - Google My Business Data that includes, Business Name, Phone Number, Address, Rating amount, Website, Email (if possible), Social Media and much more! What is Mass Scraping and who does it work? Mass Scraping is a service for anyone who wants to a extract data from GMB in a massive scale. Based on your request, we'll scrape a specific GMB category of the entire of the US cities. For example, we want to scrape 500K unique records of all the restaurant in the US that can be find on Google. We'll scrape from the keyword "restaurant" near "city" "state" "usa". On every search we'll extract all the results that we can get from Google and then will switch the city or state. With this data you could call them to send them your services, do cold emailing, contact them through their website or maybe even through social media! the more creative you are, the better! How much does it cost? Google Maps (GMB) Data 100k records = $120 Google Maps (GMB) Data 500k records = $500 Google Maps (GMB) Data 1M records = $700 Add-on Services: * Extract Email addresses if available from found website URL (even multiple emails per domain) * Extract Google GMB Reviews * Detect FB+GA pixels * Email Validation What are the payment methods? Cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, LTC, SOL, BNB, BUSD, USDT How long do orders take to process? It depends on the amount of your order and your add-on services, can take between a day or two for 100K records and a week long for 1M records What's the refund policy? We can guarantee that we will get you the list from GMB based on your keywords preference. Otherwise we will refund you! How can I place an order? Contact us on Telegram!
    • Can u help, i never work with this program?
    • Hello if you are tired of switching servers every week or two. then we are the solution but there is a problem, we don't have a very active community. but this takes time and work and we all have the knowledge and patience, you can come and try. 🔸You cannot buy ingame advantage such as exp bonuses, items, enchants, adenas 🔸We won’t never pay any clan or cp to play our server or give any special advantage. 🔸We won’t never pay any “popular players or Streamer” or give any special advantage.. 🔸We are not kids to promise you that our server will be up forever but what we can assure you is that the server will be open until there is one player left. 🔸We try to be serious in what we do we don't seek donations we don't need your money we do it for a hobby. 💥 Max 2 Windows per HWID. Our features: We use classic Interlude rules, no Kamaels, new races or new gear (maximum S gr like it should be on Interlude). But yes, we are using a new modern client, and we add new content to make your gameplay more varied and interesting. So if you before play only on default Interlude servers it will be not a problem for you. 🆙 https://l2metawars.com/ 🆙 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/4kj46MwnCX
    • In acis L2PcInstance = Player And many other things are just renamed. Just check other similar files and compare what changed.      
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