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Guide Few Things About Gfx ( Programs For Videos) For Beginners!

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Hello,I would like to say few things for programs which beginners in Video editing and animation should know.Of course this will be MY OPINION and you will decide if you want to follow it or not!


Windows Movie Maker : Windows' included video editing software is all about simplicity: There's really no simpler way to combine your clips into digital movies with titles, transitions, background music, and effects. In earlier releases, the program was so simple that it wasn't capable of doing things people commonly needed, but little by little, stuff like voiceover recording and even anti-shake have made their way into what is now a very useful free app for digital video editing.


Sony Vegas Pro  : Sony Vegas Pro Edit is an outstanding professional video editing application. It contains all the same editing tools found in the so-called industry-standard applications. It’s a great alternative to the big names, especially if you capture your footage with Sony cameras. And aside from some minor cosmetic issues, there isn’t much to complain about.


Adobe After Effects : A must-have upgrade for anyone working in 3D. The integration with Cinema 4D is the standout feature here, speeding up workflow and reducing frustration massively, plus there are plenty of other cool features to get your teeth into if you're not working in 3D.

CINEMA 4D : 3D modeling and animation is an intrinsically complicated process, and the vast and varied applications for the technology make it hard to identify which software is most ideal for the task you are working on. I like MAXON’s CINEMA 4D because it is an approachable alternative to more intimidating 3D animation software packages. This software is easier to learn than most competitors, but it still possesses the depth required for professional use. The great toolset and approachability make it particularly relevant to graphic artists who have less familiarity with traditional 3D tools.



If you want to do very simple things like add an audio or text or just cut some scenes then use Windows Movie Maker.

If you want to do some cool animation and edit your video (e.x colors,slow motion etc..) then use Sony Vegas Pro.

If you want to do some professional stuff with more options in every plug in and tool which will make your projects to look like the pros one then use Adobe After Effects.

If you want the real GFX ( Graphic design effects ) then you should use CINEMA 4D in which you do everything from the scratch!Like objects,letters and then you can animate them(this program is used mostly from professionals who are working as architectures to show their buildings and etc..) then us CINEMAD 4D.




LINKS  for crack programs:

Windows Movie Maker   :http://windows.micro...ive/movie-maker

Sony Vegas Pro 13       : https://kickass.to/sony-vegas-pro-13-0-build-310-64-bit-patch-khg-chingliu-t9051634.html

Adobe After Effects       : https://kickass.to/adobe-after-effects-cs6-cracked-t7888613.html

CINEMA 4D                 : https://kickass.to/maxon-cinema-4d-studio-r12-cracked-theleak-t5523615.html


Credits: to me as Alzor ( #Alzor ) I took some extra infos from google to make it perfect as possible as i could for beginners to understand what programs they use!



A support would be wonderful!


1) CONTACT : http://www.alzor.eu/
2) LIKE           : https://www.facebook...lzorproductions
4) Follow        : https://twitter.com/AlzorProduction
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