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[Guide]Newbies Guide -- Pws na valete NPC/Customs sto server sas!

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Geia se olous! Apofasisa na kanw ena guide oso pio kala kai analutika mporw, gia opoion dn kserei pws na perasei sto server tou NPC i diafora Custom Pragmata (armors, weapons)...Polu suxna vlepw erwtiseis sxetika me auto to thema kai nomizw oti leipei ena Elliniko Guide...


As arxisoume loipon...





1) Exete tous fakelous: Data, SQL

2) Anoikste to fakelo Data kai kante antigrafi + epikollisi oti exei mesa sto diko sas antistoixo fakelo tou Server sas..

3) Twra pigainete sto Navicat kai akolouthiste tis eikones:



Kante klik stin DataBase sas:




Sti sunexeia kante deksi klik kai patiste exebute batch file:


width=640 height=400http://i35.tinypic.com/11judfk.jpg[/img]


Twra vreite to SQL pou thelete kai patiste Anoigma Opws stin eikona:

width=640 height=400http://i34.tinypic.com/6zr7ec.jpg[/img]



Kai eiste etoimoi:

width=640 height=400http://i36.tinypic.com/34e2u4n.jpg[/img]



Twra to mono pou menei na kanete einai ena restart sto server sas kai //spawn to NPC pou molis valate




II. Customs


1) Exete tous fakelous: Data, SQL, Client

2) Anoikste to fakelo Data kai kante antigrafi + epikollisi oti exei mesa sto diko sas antistoixo fakelo tou Server sas..

3) Twra akolouthiste tis parapanw eikones gia to pws na perasete ta SQL sto server

4) To mono diaforetiko einai oti prepei na kanete antigrafi + epikollisi to periexomeno tou fakeloy client mesa ston LineageII fakelo sas...(Prosoxi! Ston L2 Fakelo sas oxi mesa sto fakelo tou server sas!)




PS: Auto to guide einai apokleistika diko mou, opote apagoreuetai to leech

PS2: Perimenw ta sxolia sas, an sas arese i oxi (Oles oi gnwmes dektes)

PS3: Apagoreuetai to Spam

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Very Nice XxRxX...

Polu wraio to exoume pei 1000des fores kai synexeia to idio rwtane..

me prolaves gia to guide xD!

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Mporeis se parakalo na dikseis pos kanoun add npc se preconfigured pack??opws to pack tou killer p.x!


Me ton parapanw tropo...Einai to idio se ola ta packs file mou ;)

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a ty :) apla diavasa oti sto pack tou killer dn xriazete na egatastiseis database are pos 8a einai i oli diadikasia?


Xwris ena tool opws to Navicat dn mporeis na peraseis NPC...prepei na exeis opwsdipote navicat i kapoio allo tool...Episis sto pack tou killer dn xreiazetai na kaneis install tin DB alla ekeini uparxei apo moni tis opote apla anoigeis to navicat kai kaneis oti deixnw parapanw ;)

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poli kalo ta guide me voi8ise poli alla mou exi kai arxia p.x. gia ta opla client side. kanw c/p tis grammes sto weaponrgp.dat stin 413 alla omos mou vgazi error. ti kanw la8os? prepi na alla3w tis grammes?

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Ekana oti leei to topic alla exo ena error.


Error pou exo : http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/4787/62735299ww1.jpg


an mporouse kapoios na me voi8isei 8a itan mia xara.

Btw, sto connection, vazo ta stoixeia tou rooter mou (ID,Pass) auta prepei na valo i kati allo?

P.S.: Exo anoixto to start.bat , den nomizo na exei kamia sxesi me auto..

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File exw katebasei authn thn buffer NPC Buffer By Stefoulis15 kai exei mesa 3 sql arxia 8a ta balw kai ta 3 sthn db?


kai sta 3 me bgazei auto to problhma


[Err] 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

[Msg] Finished - Unsuccessfully


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